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Source: European Parliament

5G technology is expected to revolutionise telecommunications, allowing the transfer of massive amounts of data. However, scientists around the world are issuing dire warnings, with Martin Pall, Professor at Washington State University, going so far as to say that the introduction of 5G technology without the necessary impact assessments ‘has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world’. In the meantime, Brussels and certain areas of the UK have banned the use of 5G, while Dutch and Swiss MPs and US congressmen are urging their governments to carry out risk assessments.

In view of this:

Can the Commission say whether it is planning to conduct independent 5G risk assessments as a scientific basis for raising public awareness, so as to pre-empt any further speculation regarding possible health implications?

Can it guarantee that the density of 5G pilot transmitters already in operation will not affect human health in the surrounding areas?

Has any research been carried out into technical solutions to prevent any undesirable side-effects of this nature?

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