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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

In assessing the draft law “on Amendments to the Electronic mass media law, the Country’s president, Egils Levits of the Saeima Human rights and public affairs commission, called for in the relevant appendices.The president considers, that the legislature of the Electronic mass media law should establish the requirements for the pamatpiedāvājumam by their customers, providing a television program distribution service. “A strong information room is essential for Latvian democracy and the state of the security in question. The legislature should be able to ensure that people have access to quality and pluralistic tv programme, which is strengthening Latvia’s membership of the European kultūrtelpai and to contribute to the population of Latvia into the common European information space in the discourse,” says E. Levitt.The proposed Electronic media law in addition to addressing the long-identify the problem, so far, the mechanisms have not been able to effectively eliminate it.In more detail, with the Country’s president, Egila Levita view and the appendices can be consulted in the National president’s office tīmekļvietnes in the section “Activities in the legislative area.


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