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Source: BMW GroupBecause all the participants, with the exception of the Australian team, have completed long-haul flights, they first have to deal with jetlag. Then they register for the event, take possession of the BMW F 850 GS motorcycles (and take care of individual settings), familiarize themselves with life in New Zealand and are introduced to the culture of the local Maoris, which is also a traditional challenge counts with which all newcomers are confronted: the world famous Haka. This year, 22 teams from 25 countries will take part, including four new teams, and, as in Mongolia (2018), two international women’s teams who are eager to join the other drivers of the GS Trophy. The teams from the Netherlands, Malaysia, North Africa and the Middle East are competing for the first time and their finalists are of course very excited about what to expect. A less traveled route. Ahead of them are eight days and a total of around 2,400 km of adventure tours across the North and South Islands. Around 60% of the route is off-road, the remaining 40%, although asphalted, resemble the European Alpine roads. Since New Zealand has almost five million inhabitants who live mainly in the metropolitan areas, it is quiet streets that lead through breathtaking, almost always hilly, mostly mountainous landscapes. The route begins in Rotorua, approximately in the middle of the North Island, a volcanically active region, and ends in the Alpine ski area of Queenstown in the very south of the South Island. On the way, the participants enjoy the nature and culture of these distant islands and will be confronted with new challenges every day which, such as their driving skills, motorcycle knowledge or prudent action in the wilderness, play a decisive role in evaluating the competition. In addition, as always with the GS Trophy, you can expect surprises and constantly new experiences! Chris Zimmermann is the route manager: “New Zealand is the perfect off-road destination. Not only are the roads and slopes exciting, but also the people who talk to everyone they meet about off-road tours. You can see their enthusiasm in their eyes. Everyone is very helpful. A great route awaits us and the unique mix of driving stages and special stages through which the Int. Awards GS Trophy. It will be a fantastic motorcycle tour. ”The event manager of the Int. GS Trophy, Ralf Rodepeter (Head of Brand and Product at BMW Motorrad) is thrilled with the location and format of this year’s competition. “I love the int. GS Trophy. It is a wonderful tour and great fun. I particularly like how the participants network. The teams are recombined daily so that they start with drivers from other countries every time. Together they will experience adventures that create cohesion and understanding. With the participation of teams from North Africa and the Middle East, special tension will be created this year. We can therefore look forward to drivers from all over the world and thus from all cultures. And that is what the GS Spirit means: bringing together a wide variety of people and cultures, learning from each other and enjoying nature, being active and experiencing adventure. And all of this is happening in this beautiful country – I’m looking forward to it as much as the participants! ”Get to know the teams. It’s time to introduce the GS Trophy drivers. Below is a full list of participants with brief comments from each individual on their life as a GS driver and the exciting feeling of being able to participate in the most prestigious GS event in the world. Team Argentina.

No 101, driver: Diego Noras, age: 30, hometown: Mendoza, occupation: engineer quote: “I am looking forward to the challenges that nature and the obstacles, leading us to make this Event, and I’m running the competition every day in the best possible shape.” No. 102, driver: Augustin Salanueva, age: 43, hometown: Tandil, occupation: owner of a Shoe shop, a grocery store and a gym quote: “The GS Trophy is great, it offers the Chance to get out, be active, learn new places and to know new people.” No. 103, driver: Lucas Estuardo, age: 24, hometown: Esquel, occupation: Student quote: “My passion goes back to my father. In my Childhood I used to see him riding a motorcycle, and since he took me for the first Time, I wanted to stop, never more so.“ Team Australia:

No: 111, driver: Shaun Terblanche, age: 31, hometown: Perth occupation: building maintenance, entrepreneur quote: “The GS Spirit is all about the fun these bikes are to prepare people, whose paths would have crossed otherwise, maybe never. You can see how different obstacles, challenges and Fears are overcome, confidence in the rider to build up and spectacular sights to share.“ No: 112, driver: Wesley Bygate, age: 35, hometown: Glass House Mountains, Queensland, occupation: Certified welding quote: “I have driven over the years, many Bikes, but my R 1150 GS is the only motorcycle that asks me to the throttle, really, how far I want to go. I’m happy to be outside riding my motorcycle as much as possible.“ No: 113, driver: diamond kitty finding her Haley, age: 26, hometown: Yackandandah, occupation: building contractor quote: “The GS Spirit can best be described as follows: He unites a group that would like to explore with the same passion and enthusiasm for the wonders of this country and this world.” The Team Of Brazil.

No: 121, driver: Pedro Marchioretto, age: 22, home town: Itapira, occupation: businessman quote: “A week without a bike for a week, in the me, something is missing. For it is only with a motorcycle, I’m a whole person.“ No: 122, driver: Filipe Hawerroth, age: 26, hometown: Santa Catarina, occupation: self-employed quote: “The place where I was born and grew up, has given me the opportunity to practice Sport in the midst of nature. As a child, I felt free to me, if I could ride a bike. With the time I wish to me nothing more than motorcycle.“ No: 123, driver: Claudinei Silva Costa, age: 34, hometown: São Paulo, occupation: motorcycle mechanic quote: “In the world of the two wheels of the GS Spirit of freedom and passion means. In the case of the GS Trophy, I try to exceed my own limits.“ Team France:

No: 141, driver: Aurelien Szulek, age: 32, hometown: Bordeaux, occupation: International Director for motorcycle accessories quote: “For me, a week without my motorcycle unimaginable. I’ve always motorcycles around me. And I ride as often as possible.“ No: 142, driver: Vincent Debitte, age: 32, hometown: Rethel, occupation: mechanic for heavy trucks quote: “I am looking forward to learning many people know and to share on a GS beautiful landscapes with them and, above all, to maximum fun.” No: 143, driver: Nicolas Bastin, age: 41, hometown: French Alps, occupation: Software engineer quote: “even as a child I wanted to ride a motorcycle! Until the age of 21 I got my first motorcycle. When I was four years ago, 37, I discovered the passion for off-road driving with my R 1200 GS Adventure!“ Team India:

No: 161, drivers: Sathyananth Vasudevan, age: 36, hometown: Tiruppur, occupation: engineer quote: “I’ve always wanted to ride a motorcycle. I ride the bike, the Original two-cylinder Boxer, the smell of the carburetor and associated sense of adventure have always loved. This Spirit still influences everything that I do today.“ No: 162, driver: Rickiey Naik, age: 43, hometown: Bangalore, occupation: businessman quote: “The GS Spirit is: ‘One for all and all for One.’ ‘One for all’ means that each Individual contributes to the Welfare of the Whole. ‘All for One’ means, that no one is left behind.” No: 163, driver: Shakeel Bash, age: 30, hometown: Coimbatore, occupation: businessman quote: “My motorcycle passion, the feeling of happiness that you feel when you drive against the Wind and through the mud, is never lost. Why is our Team so? Because we are often overthrown, and each of these falls brutally learned a lot. This has made us grow and helped our confidence.“ Team Italy:

No: 161, drivers: Michele Pradelli, age: 39, hometown: Modena, occupation: Bank Director quote: “The open terrain offers a lot of adventure … Why our Team will win? We are going to win because we form a coherent, tenacious Team, and know how to have fun!“ No: 162, driver: Alberto Ballardin, age: 27, hometown: Padua, occupation: CNC-mechanic quote: “My Favorite track is a track, I don’t know. Because every journey on a unknown slope holds wonderful discoveries. The GS Trophy will be with motorcycles and adventure trips, which are my biggest interest is one of the most beautiful places in the world a great experience. No: 163, driver: Frederico de Angelis, age: 42, hometown: Terni, occupation: trade representative quote: “My Favorite runs are winding mountain roads and all off-road-rich slopes! For me, a week without my bike is … a bad week!“

Team Japan:no.: 171, driver: Shinichi Kimijima, age: 44, hometown: Nikkō, occupation: mechanical engineer quote: “The GS Spirit means, every difficulty courageously to address and overcome in the Team. And to enjoy it.“ No: 172, driver: Yoshiaki Terao, age: 42, hometown: Ishikawa, occupation: road marker quote: “For me, it means the GS Spirit, a never-ending journey. If we win, it’s because I believe in my strength, the strength of my friends and the strength of my GS.“ No: 173, driver: Sunao Ueda, age: 47, hometown: Minami Osaka, occupation: sheet metalworker quote: “I’ll kill myself with a Japanese team ability and years of experience I have collected in many Parts of the world, in my Team. Since we only travel for fun, to new Zealand, we will not feel stressed.“ Team Latin America:

No: 181, driver: Freddy Kehler, age: 39, hometown: Paraguay profession: business owner quote: “I am looking forward to the GS Trophy, I’m going to learn a lot of new friends from all over the world and new landscapes that I’ve never seen before.” No: 182, driver: Diego Penagos, age: 37, hometown: Colombia profession: physician quote: “A special reason to learn to ride a motorcycle, I did not need. Even in my Childhood I had a passion for it. Nothing else triggers such a feeling in me.“

No.: 183, driver: Luis Arturo Palmieri Núñez, age: 26, hometown: Guatemala profession: lawyer and notary statement: “The Qualifier was a tough one. Even really good people have left. Therefore, we must fight in solidarity with these great riders for the GS Trophy to the best possible results. Most likely, we will not be able to train together. We will compensate as determined by passion, preparation and determination.“

Team Malaysia:

No: 191, driver: Norizuan Abdullah, age: 31, hometown: Ipoh, Perak profession: businessman, engineer, quote: “With the motorcycle, I can move faster and go where I want. This is my personal freedom.“ No.: 192, driver: Kiang Wei Chan, age: 38, hometown: Srawak, occupation: engineer quote: “For me, it means the GS Spirit, make new friends, discover new places, the core experience of each adventure.” No: 193, driver: Mohd Zulfakar bin Mohd Alghaus, age: 31, hometown: Kuala Lumpur occupation: driver quote: “I’ve learned riding a motorcycle, because it is a great experience, because I wanted to find more like-minded friends and the love of nature.” Team Mexico:

No.: 201, driver: Manuel Enrique Montalvo Febres, age: 19, hometown: Mexico City profession: Student quote: “As a child I always looked to my father, who was already as a thirteen-year-old motorcycle. I still remember that I was always thrilled as soon as I heard the sound of his motorcycle.“ As I was driving, after all, even with the motorcycle started, which gave me the feeling, to me bigger challenges, I was infatuated literally in motorcycles.“ No.: 202, driver: Antonio Sanchez Aldana Cusi, age: 45, hometown: Mexico City, occupation: sales Manager, quote: “For me, it means the GS Spirit the freedom to places to penetrate, and has consulted no one before

No.: 211, driver: Elias Abi Antoun, age: 33, country: Lebanon, occupation: electrician, quote: “to get The GS Spirit means to discover the world with riders on an adventurous manner, with the GS bikes in inaccessible places. He is a life-style and stands for brotherhood.“ No: 212, driver: Martin Victor Alva, age: 32, hometown: United Arab Emirates profession: business owner quote: “For me, it means the GS Spirit of freedom, adventure and camaraderie. This lifestyle I love.“

No: 213, driver: Jorge Osorio Restrepo, age: 32, hometown: United Arab Emirates profession: IT-technician quote: “most of all, I love adventure trips in the terrain, a mixture of motorcycle travel and off-road driving. It is important to know your machine and enjoy the motorcycle adventure in any terrain.“ Team Scandinavia:

No: 221, driver: Ronnie Lundberg, age: 39, hometown: Trollhättan, Sweden, occupation: driving instructor for cars and motorcycles quote: “My first motorcycle trip I made as a ten year old on a Moto Crosser with 80 cm3 in Skara Sommarland. After that, I became completely addicted to motorcycles!“ No: 222, driver: Ole Christian Kristiansen, age: 34, hometown: rod, Norway, occupation: electrician, quote: “The GS Spirit means the world to view! The GS Trophy is sure to be exhausting, challenging and a great adventure.“ No: 223, driver: Arto Kallionen, age: 41, hometown: Finland, occupation: engineer quote: “I prefer to ride narrow Enduro Trails. The GS Trophy will be an unforgettable experience.“ Team North Africa:

No: 231, driver: Hicham Lahlou-Kitane, age: 45, hometown: Casablanca, Morocco occupation: merchant quote: “to Me, it is difficult for me to a favorite track. Morocco is a huge Playground for the GS bikes. The Moroccan part of the Sahara is breathtaking.“ No: 232, driver: Majd Berrada, age: 42, hometown: Casablanca, Morocco occupation: architect quote: “I want to discover new Zealand, the F experience 850 GS and a beautiful adventure with my Team and all of the other GS Trophy finalists. I am sure that I will learn a lot of interesting motorcycle drivers know. The GS Trophy is a dream come true.“ No: 233, driver: Hicham Malti, age: 52, hometown: Casablanca, Morocco occupation: architect quote: “For me, the GS Spirit for adventure, reciprocal help and solidarity is among the drivers. My challenge for the GS Trophy is to be on the same level as my team-mates and to enjoy every Moment of the event.“ Team Russia:

No: 241, riders: Grigory Biryukov, age: 39, hometown: Moscow occupation: watchmaker quote: “I’ve been driving for the 2006 motorcycle. Especially Roadster, no big tours. Ten years ago, a friend invited me to a ride up the mountain. It was then that I realized that I was not as good a driver as I thought! However, since the prospects that I have enjoyed on this trip were each of the Training value, I made me to improve my offroad skills!“ No: 242, driver: Ruslan Karimov, age: 40, hometown: Moscow profession: CEO quote: “I’ve been driving for eight years, motorcycle. First of all, I preferred to Sportbikes, 2014, I made a test drive with a GS. To do this, I had advised a friend. I fell in love with the GS and couldn’t warm up to my Sportbike. Later, I went to a GS’s Day in Russia and was so fascinated that I decided to learn with my GS off-road riding.“ No.: 243, driver: Aleksey Abroskin, age: 36, hometown: Moscow occupation: Deputy Director quote: “My first motorcycle, the R 1200 RT, I purchased 2014. On a long trip I once took with my friends, drove all the other a GS. There were a lot of slopes on our route: The RT, the supernatant, while all of the, to me, it was clear that I needed for this kind of adventures a GS. At the national Qualifier in 2017 in Russia, I ended up taking all of the newcomers in the first place. I understood that everything is possible and I can increase even further. I started to train and now I, as a member of the Russian team at the Int. GS Trophy 2020 here!“ Team South Africa:

No: 251, driver: Cobus Theron, age: 28, hometown: Tulbagh, occupation: farmer quote: “a few years Ago, the GS Spirit had not yet the importance it has today, after he was taken with the Trophy and the narrower GS Community. The true Spirit we follow, in my view, if we share our passion for the GS, and known and unknown places, according to the Motto ‘Make Life A Ride!’ drive!” No: 252, driver: BJ Vosloo, age: 34, hometown: Cape town occupation: industry architect quote: “I think the biggest challenge is it, that we forget the moment to enjoy. The Int. GS Trophy Tour is certainly not easy. It requires hard work, a great deal of determination and the willingness to lose the self-imposed objectives. If you want to achieve big goals, you must be willing to Sacrifice. Any driver who has qualified in the past, will know only too well.“

No: 253, driver: Brandon Jason Grimsted, age: 20, hometown: Fouriesburg, occupation: professional driver quote: “I’m looking forward to it, in a foreign culture, to immerse, challenge myself and my driving skills and to improve skills, to explore the incredibly varied and beautiful terrain, the new Zealand has. Team South Korea:

No: 261, driver: Yeonsoo Yun, age: 23, hometown: Seoul, South Korea profession: editor of a trade magazine quote: “My first formative experience I had when me and my father in my youth gave a small Dirt Bike. He asked me: ‘Can you ride it? The GS Spirit means perseverance, passion and the will to never give up.“ No: 262, driver: Hyukyong Kwon, age: 46, hometown: Seoul, South Korea profession: news camera man quote: “I’d like to put the track back, the Korean leads from the Hallasan, South Peninsula, mount Paektu on the Northern end. Currently this is not possible, because my country is divided into South and North Korea. One day, I would like to take this route with my GS. Then I would like to with my international friends during the Int. GS Trophy on the beautiful Korean Peninsula.“ No.: 263, driver: Hyunwook Kim, age: 32, hometown: Seoul,South Korea profession: businessman quote: “I came up with the motorcycling in touch, I hung out with my friend in the Restaurant of his family. At the time, I delivered a motorcycle to eat. Since then, I am crazy about motorcycles.“ Team Thailand:

No.: 271, driver: Patompog Laboonta, age: 33, origin country: Chiangmai, occupation: businessman quote: “The GS Spirit means to have the same goal and the same passion, always belong together and to help each other. Unity and team spirit will lead us to success.“ No: 272, driver: Siam Keawwatchan, age: 37, hometown: Chiangmai, occupation: motorcycle tour guide quote: “I am delighted at the Int. To be able to GS Trophy make new friends. The GS Spirit means team spirit, sharing and empathy.“ No: 273, driver: Phaisan Hunthai, age: 36, hometown: Rayong, occupation: engineer quote: “I think I’ll bring all the necessary skills and am working as a member of the team of Thailand for the participation in the Int. GS Trophy 2020 well equipped. With our team spirit, we embody all of the GS Spirit.“ Team United Kingdom:

No: 281, driver: Tim Mitchell, age: 25, hometown: Warrington occupation: Motor mechanic quote: “as Long as I can remember, had my father’s BMW motorcycles. Since I grew up with boxer engines am led past the riding a motorcycle is simply no way! To me, it is difficult for me to have a favorite runway, but Snowdonia is because of its winding roads and demanding off-road-rich sections are really fantastic and both offer stunning views!“ No 282, driver: Roy Prescott, age: 46, hometown: Barton occupation: farmer quote: “Determines the International GS Trophy in 2020 will conjure me a Smile on the face and me the Chance to meet new friends who share my interest in GS adventure rides.” No: 283, driver: Richard Cox, age: 47, hometown: Clutton, occupation: engineer quote: “My Favorite track is the Napier Trail to Magdala in Ethiopia. How would I feel if I had to do a week without my bike? I don’t want to even think about!“ Team Netherlands:

No: 291, driver: Peet Gerards, age: 30, hometown: Cuijk, occupation: International Account Manager quote: “it All started with a broken Moped. At the time I was eight years old. I disassembled it for the fun of it 100 times into its individual components and assembled it again. When I was ten years old, I was riding long in the blood, and then I got my first Trail Bike. Since I’m a motorcycle addict.“ No: 292, driver: Xavier Tobé, age: 22, hometown: Oostvoorne, occupation: project assistant quote: “which is Why I wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle? Because no way went past it. I was already as a three year old on a two-Wheeler on the road! Therefore, a week without a motorcycle for me is a big disaster!“ No: 293, driver: Jaap van Hoofwegen, age: 35, hometown: Den Bosch, occupation: sales Manager, wind turbines, quote: “A week without my bike makes me nervous. On my GS I can recharge my batteries, my thoughts rearrange and put things in proper perspective back.“

Team USA:

No.: 301, driver: Chris Johns, age: 34, hometown: Temecula, California occupation: motorcycle mechanic quote: “The GS Spirit symbolizes the freedom, to be able, without Hesitation, everywhere go. The biggest challenge of the Int. GS Trophy 2020 will be to have to fly back home!“ No: 302, driver: Harrison Kendrick, age: 22, hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina, occupation: sales engineer quote: “My father brought me already in earliest youth with the motorcycle in contact with. It was a good opportunity to spend time with him and places to explore. The more I drove, the more I set myself the challenge of great places to approach for many people according to his own statement, out of reach.“ No.: 303, riders: Kevin Jones, age: 41, hometown: Pasadena, California occupation: real estate industry quote: “I consider it a great honor that I was able to secure the Trophy for the Team USA a place. Because of the Qualifier a great many single-minded and great drivers have participated, I can appreciate me not only happy that I can be here. My biggest challenge will be to respect the other drivers, I have succeeded in my Team to contribute and to ensure that Team USA is putting on a strong, respectable Finish, to make new friends and have lots of fun!“ The international women’s team 1: no: 311, rider: Isabel Londono Rivas, age: 26, hometown: Manizales, Colombia profession: architect quote: “the biggest challenge in The Int. GS Trophy 2020 is in the huge driving workload, and it will not be easy to sleep for seven days in a row, in a tent!“ No.: 312, rider: Nikki van der Spek, age: 31, hometown: Hoek van Holland, Netherlands, occupation: motorcycle driving instructor quote: “Will win our Team? To learn to be In new Zealand and the beautiful country to know: for me This is already a win.“ No: 313, rider: Claire Bichard, age: 32, hometown: L’Isle Adam, France, occupation: office Manager quote: “For me, the GS Spirit is for a large family. If our Team wins, it is because we never give up! We are now a family!“ The International Women’s Team 2:

No .: 321, driver: Lisa Taylor, age: 47, hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, profession: police officer quote: “The GS Spirit means a feeling of adventure, motorcycling off the beaten track into the interior of the country and its culture. It means new friendships and lasting memories. “No .: 322, driver: Andrea Box, age: 28, hometown: Carboor, Victoria, profession: specialist nurse for seriously injured. Quote:” The GS Spirit means friendship and companionship. It means mutual support and help. I don’t know exactly what to expect in New Zealand, but it’s part of the adventure. “No .: 323, driver: Klara Finkele, age: 54, hometown: Dublin, Ireland, profession: scientist Quote:” I have motorcycling learned because I was looking for freedom and adventure and wanted to go everywhere. At the GS Trophy, we will definitely have to work hard and master big challenges, but also have a lot of fun. ”The high tension of this event is conveyed by a lot of more informal information about posts in the BMW Motorrad social media: BMW Motorrad Facebook www / bmwmotorrad Twitter (


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