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Here’s this week’s edition of the NRCC Weekly Rundown:

(National) This week President Trump was officially exonerated by the U.S. Senate in the deranged Democrats’ sham impeachment trial. Click HERE to read NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer’s statement on President Trump’s acquittal.

(National) During President Trump’s State of the Union address Democrats showed America how deranged their party has become. While President Trump rattled off one economic record after the next, Democrats refused to stand. When President Trump introduced a 100-year-old former Tuskegee Airman, Democrats refused to stand. And when it was over, Nancy Pelosi dramatically ripped up the president’s speech. The successes detailed and feel-good stories were just too much for her to bear. This is today’s Democrat Party. They should seek professional help to treat their obsessive hatred for President Trump.

(National) It’s becoming increasingly clear vulnerable Democrats have no chance of running with Joe Biden at the top of the ticket, so folks should start asking frontline Democrats if they’re okay. With avowed socialist Bernie Sanders taking first or second in Iowa and holding a commanding lead in New Hampshire. The DCCC better start message-testing how they plan to run on trillion-dollar tax hikesone-size-fits-all government health care and the Green New Deal. REMINDER: Socialism has a NEGATIVE 34 favorability!
(AZ-01) Tom O’Halleran wore purple to the State of the Union this week to “combat tribalism” and promote “bipartisanship,” BUT:

  • O’Halleran votes with socialist darling AOC 93% of the time.
  • O’Halleran voted to impeach and remove President Trump from office even though polls showed Arizonans didn’t want him to. 
  • O’Halleran refused to stand during the State of the Union when President Trump mentioned America’s low unemployment rate.
  • O’Halleran said Pelosi “overreacted” when she tore up President Trump’s SOTU, but then voted AGAINST a resolution rebuking her actions.
  • O’Halleran sold out AZ workers to his campaign donors by voting for the PRO Act.

O’Halleran’s actions prove he’s a partisan hack who’s out of touch with Arizona voters. Even Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema found the will to stand and clap

(CA-10) Josh Harder is duping Central Valley voters by laundering corporate PAC money after pledging not to accept any. He even ran an ad about it! The Modesto Bee reported this week: “Harder received a total of about $128,000 in PAC donations that were funded at least in part by corporate PAC donations.” But, instead of returning the money, Harder doubled down on his lie! Unfortunately for Josh, campaign finance reports don’t lie!

(CA-48) Harley Rouda tweeted yesterday morning that he wants to “shine a light on the dark money donors holding our nation hostage.” I wonder if Rouda thinks that House Majority Forward, the Democrats’ dark money group that has already spent $75,529 propping up Rouda in CA-48, is “holding our nation hostage”? Probably not, because Rouda’s a hypocrite who won’t condemn House Majority Forward for spending in his race.

(FL-18) One year ago the DCCC called Brian Mast, “one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents.” But this week, Larry Sabato changed FL-18 to a SAFE Republican district. Maybe if Democrats didn’t spend all day talking about their feelings and obsessing over removing the president from office, they would have seen this coming!

(Florida) Charlie Crist, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Donna Shalala all voted in favor of the PRO Act which strikes down the Right to Work provision in Florida’s constitution. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka threatened to cut off donations to any legislator who opposed the bill, which is why Crist, Mucarsel-Powell and Shalala all voted to support it considering they’ve each taken thousands of dollars from labor PACs. Guess it’s clear where their loyalties lie…  

(GA-06) Unlike Lucy McBath, numbers don’t lie! And the numbers show Georgians aren’t fond of Lyin’ Lucy. According to the FEC, only 24% of McBath’s Q4 donations came from Georgia. No wonder Lucy had to beg liberal New Yorkers for cash and hid her impeachment stance from Georgians. Lucy doesn’t deserve Georgians’ hard-earned money OR their votes in November!

(GA-07) Atlanta’s very own AOC, Nabilah Islam, has scored a big endorsement in the GA-07 Democratic primary. Rep. Ro Khanna broke with the establishment and announced his support for the young socialist. Progressive groups including Democratic Socialists of America, Occupy Democrats and Matriarch also back Islam. Now time will tell if Islam’s opponents will support the socialist agenda as they fight for the same far-left base!
(IA-01) Abby Finkenauer spent the 4th Quarter raising big money from out-of-state liberals, with more than 90% of her fundraising coming from outside Iowa. After joining her socialist colleagues’ efforts to remove President Trump from office, coastal liberals showed up big for Abby, with Californians and New Yorkers combining to donate nearly four times as much as Iowans. Abby’s going to need every penny as she defends her obsessive hatred of President Trump instead of working to get results for Iowans.

(IA-01, IA-03) While the country continues to reel over the incompetence of the Iowa Democratic Party, it’s clear the caucuses were a disaster for Joe Biden. Biden enjoyed the endorsements of both Cindy Axne and Abby Finkenauer, whose backing clearly was worthless even to Iowa Democrats. The only vote the two lightweight freshmen seemed to deliver was Abby’s great aunt, who left her caucus site after Biden was declared non-viable, commenting, “I’m tired and I want to go home.” Sums up Iowans’ reactions to Axne and Finkenauer in general, especially since they chose to sell out Iowa workers to their campaign donors. Embarrassing!

(IL-06) Sean Casten has supported Democrats’ baseless impeachment efforts since 2017, but that’s not stopping the partisan Democrat hacks at PolitiFact from shamelessly lying on his behalf! In a bizarrely inaccurate “fact check,” the liberal activists at PolitiFact rated Republican candidate Jeanne Ives’ claim that Casten supported impeachment before the Mueller report was released as false. This is what happens when Poynter’s board is full of Democrat donors who share Casten’s deranged, all-consuming hatred for President Trump. Then again, given how impeachment has completely backfired on Democrats, we welcome any reminder to Illinois families that Casten supported impeachment instead of focusing on issues that actually matter to them!

(IL-06, IL-14) ICYMI: The Chicago Tribune Editorial Board ripped Sean Casten and Fake Nurse Lauren Underwood for their vote against banning fentanyl. Sean and Fake Nurse Laurenshould explain to the families and friends of the 32,000 people who lost their lives to opioid addiction why they’d rather protect drug dealers than ban fentanyl. Click HERE to read more.

(IL-13) Socialist Betsy Dirksen Londrigan happily accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars from Nancy Pelosi’s campaign arm, the DCCC. So does that mean Betsy agrees with Pelosi’s partisan State of the Union stunt where she tore up President Trump’s speech? REMINDER: This is what was in the president’s SOTU:

  • One of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen. 
  • The survival of a child born at 21 weeks. 
  • The mourning families of Rocky Jones & Kayla Mueller
  • A service member’s reunion with his family.

Care to comment, Betsy?

(IL-14, IL-17) Fake Nurse Lauren Underwood and Cheri “Beltway” Bustos proudly headlined an event honoring the pro-abortion dark money group Planned Parenthood Illinois Action PAC. Given their support for infanticide and post-birth abortions, they were the perfect choices to stand alongside Gov. Pritzker, who legalized partial-birth abortions in Illinois just a few months ago. At least Illinois voters finally have an answer on where they stand on partial-birth abortions!
(IN-05) IN-05 Democratic candidates blasted Cheri Bustos and the DCCC this week for meddling in the primary, saying, “Indiana voters don’t need a money-laden national machine to tell them how to vote,” and “outside interests in Washington like the DCCC have never prioritized candidates who have embraced and fought for progressive issues and values.” This spat is only the latest public brawl between progressives and the DCCC. Click HERE to read more.

(KS-03) Sharice Davids voted for the PRO Act this week which strikes down the Right to Work provision in Kanas’ constitution. Why did Davids support this awful bill? Because she’s received $114,500 from labor PACs and AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka threatened to cut off funding for members who didn’t support the bill. Guess it’s clear who Sharice works for!

(ME-02) This week Jared Golden endorsed Michael Bennet for president. And if you didn’t know Michael Bennet was running for president, apparently neither did voters in Iowa where he only received a pathetic 146 votes. The only time Bennet has made a ripple in the race was when he raised his hand with the rest of the Democrat candidates in favor of giving free health care to illegal immigrants, a position Jared Golden now owns.

(MI-08) NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer hammered Elissa Slotkin on the Steve Gruber Show this week for her deranged obsession with removing President Trump from office. Emmer also warned that Michiganders will be reminded of Slotkin’s past as a failed Obama foreign affairs nominee who helped craft the failed Iran Deal that gave $150 billion to terrorists, and her defending the American-murdering terrorist Qassem Soleimani. Click HERE to listen to the interview.

(MI-08, MI-11) Last night Haley Stevens and Elissa Slotkin sold out Michigan workers to their campaign donors, voting for the PRO Act, which would impose a one-size-fits-all federal rule, striking down Michigan’s Right to Work law. Ahead of the vote, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka threatened to cut off donations to any legislator who opposed the bill, saying, “And to those who would oppose, delay or derail this legislation—do not ask the labor movement for a dollar or a door knock, We won’t be coming.” Guess it’s clear who they work for

(MI-11) Haley Stevens called President Trump’s State of the Union speech “divisive” and “unbecoming of the office.” If honoring one of our last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, celebrating the survival of a child born at 21 weeks, and witnessing a service member’s reunion with his family are “divisive,” what does Haley think of Speaker Pelosi’s partisan stunt to rip up his speech?

(MN-01) Dan Feehan proudly accepts MILLIONS from Nancy Pelosi’s DCCC. So does Dan agree with Pelosi’s disgusting stunt in which she ripped up President Trump’s State of the Union speech? Minnesota voters deserve to know!

(MN-07) Western Minnesotans don’t support Cranky Collin Peterson like they used to! In fact, in the fourth fundraising quarter, less than $13k was donated to Cranky Collin from individual Minnesotans. Maybe that’s because Cranky Collin doesn’t support building the wall, doesn’t fight for the unborn, and does nothing while his deranged party obsesses over trying to remove President Trump from office!

(NE-02) Comrade Kara Eastman is trying hard to shake the socialist image earned from literally all of her policy positions, telling voters, “We need people in Congress who actually understand how to balance the budget.” Unfortunately for Comrade Kara, that doesn’t describe her. Click HERE to read more.

(NJ-03) Andy Kim can no longer pretend to be a moderate with his endorsement of Mayor Pete Buttigieg for president. Buttigieg, who’s been billed a moderate, actually supports his party’s extreme and radical policies including: 

REMINDER: President Trump won NJ-03 by six points in 2016.

(NJ-07) The Senate threw out Democrats’ bogus impeachment case this week, but Tom Malinowski isn’t ready to give up on his dream. Malinowski, who has made impeachment his signature issue, admitted that he’s ready to continue the fruitless investigations into President Trump no matter what happens with impeachment. Instead of delivering for New Jersey voters, Tom Malinowski has a sick obsession with President Trump and will stop at nothing to try and remove him from office.

(NJ-11) Before she sold out to Michael Bloomberg, Mikie Sherrill had a rare moment of candor where she admitted House Democrats aren’t passing bills that can become law because her Democrat colleagues don’t want to give the president a win.” Sherrill’s comments confirm House Democrats would rather block President Trump from getting a win than deliver solutions for their constituents. So much for being bipartisan! Watch Sherrill’s shocking comments HERE.

(NM-02) Xochitl Torres Small is currently polling her constituents on whether or not they support a border wall. But Torres Small’s concern for the wishes of New Mexicans is a little late, as she has already voted to block President Trump from building the wallTwice! Maybe she should have asked what her constituents thought last year…

(New York) On Wednesday the Department of Homeland Security announced a ban on New York residents enrolling in certain Trusted Traveler Programs due to the state’s new “Green Light Law ,”which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain NYS driver’s licenses and foreign passports. The law, which Max Rose, Sean Patrick Maloney, Antonio Delgado and Anthony Brindisi have all refused to speak out on, also blocks agencies like ICE and CBP from gaining access to the state’s DMV databases without a court order. Their failure to address Governor Cuomo’s dangerous Green Light Law is now impacting millions of travelers and putting New York State communities at risk.

(NV-03, NV-04) Susie Lee and Steven Horsford sold out their constituents to union bosses by voting in favor of the PRO Act, which strikes down Nevada’s Right to Work law. Ahead of the vote, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka threatened to cut off donations to any legislator who opposed the bill, saying, “And to those who would oppose, delay or derail this legislation—do not ask the labor movement for a dollar or a door knock, We won’t be coming.” REMINDER: Susie Lee’s reelection campaign has received $112,000 from labor PACs and Horsford’shas received $117,000. Guess it’s clear who they work for…

(NY-02) Democrat Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is hitting back at criticism over New York’s bail reform law and claiming the law has been sensationalized. But the facts are clear: Democrats’ dangerous bail law has allowed dangerous criminalsdrug dealers and drunk drivers back on the streets.
Long Island voters deserve to know whether Jackie Gordon supports letting criminals back into their communities. So far she has refused to comment. Shameful.

(NY-11) Max Rose continues to lie to his constituents, telling them he’s not taking corporate money while he’s taking corporate PAC money. Rose’s position on corporate cash is exactly like impeachment, where he brashly told NY-11 voters he wouldn’t be backing impeachment and then…voted for impeachment! The Staten Island Advance called out Rose for breaking his no corporate PAC pledge and he his team got VERY upset. Click HERE to read more.

(NY-18) Sean Patrick Maloney has a clear message for NY-18 voters: “Go vote for Chele Farley!Maloney made the admission when he was asked what voters should do if they voted for President Trump and are upset that Maloney voted to remove the president from office. Maloney made it clear he’s going to loyally support Washington Democrats with his proud support for Nancy Pelosi’s shameful decision to rip up President Trump’s SOTU speech. I don’t think NY-18 residents will have any issue voting for Chele Farley after that admission, Sean!

(NY-22) Anthony Brindisi is showing NY-22 voters just how big of a fraud he is, accepting thousands of dollars in corporate PAC money after pledging to do the opposite in 2018. Not a great look for the pretend moderate who has already betrayed his constituents by voting to remove President Trump from office…Click HERE to read more.

(NY-24) Two of the three CNY Democrats running in NY-24 confirmed they’re all-in on Andrew Cuomo’s dangerous bail reform policy letting violent rapists and drug dealers roam free. But Francis Conole is refusing to answer the question honestly like the rest of his opponents. Dana Balter and Roger Misso proudly let voters know they support letting dangerous criminals back on the streets, so when will Francis Conole do the same?

(NY-27) After spending the weekend flip-flopping on his embrace of being a deranged Socialist Loser, Nate McMurrayrefused to answer whether he supports New York Dems’ disastrous bail reform policy that’s allowing dangerous criminals, drug dealers and drunk drivers to roam the streets. P.S. For those who may not remember,Nate once threatened to assassinate an elected official over a disagreement during a town board meeting. Talk about anger management issues

(PA-01) Folks are waking up and recognizing that Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick is in a stronger position than ever to win reelection with his race moving from “Toss-Up” to “Lean Republican.” Click HERE to read more.

(PA-17) Conor Lamb desperately took to the Wall Street Journal this week to defend Joe Biden’s job-killing stance on fracking. Although Lambconveniently failed to mentioned Biden’s desire to ban oil and gas. Biden is on the record saying he’d love to get rid of fracking and in New Hampshire this week said “we are going to get rid of fossil fuels.” No amount of political spin can change the reality that Conor Lamb’s choice for president wants to put Western Pennsylvania energy workers out of business!

(SC-01) Joe Cunningham attempted and failed to look like a tough guy in front of Nancy Pelosi. Cunningham claims he disapproved of Pelosi ripping up the SOTU, but after talking with his party boss about her tantrum, he caved and voted to block a reprimand of her hissy fit. Turns out the fake engineer is also a fake tough guy!

(TX-07) The latest nail in the DCCC’s “Texodus” coffin is Sabato’s Crystal Ball moving TX-07 toward Republicans. Contrary to Democrats’ contention that Texas’ suburbs are blue,Crystal Ball writes, “That said, it’s also not totally guaranteed that Trump will again lose this district, which backed Clinton by about 1.5 points. There is always the possibility that the eventual Democratic nominee will not be as good a fit for Democratic-trending suburban areas as Hillary Clinton proved to be.” Keep that in mind as Bernie Sanderssweeps the early states!

(TX-07, TX-32) Together Lizzie Fletcher and Colin Allred have taken nearly $200k from labor PACs, which is probably why both voted to sell out Texas workers by striking down Texas’ Right to Work law. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka threatened to cut off donations to any legislator who opposed the bill, saying, “And to those who would oppose, delay or derail this legislation—do not ask the labor movement for a dollar or a door knock, We won’t be coming.” Guess it’s clear who Allred and Fletcher work for!

(TX-21) Wendy Davisspent her Tuesday at a glitzy “Oscar brunch” at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, hosted by abortion PAC Emily’s List. Davis is somewhat of a rock star among the Hollywood liberal elite, who idolize her because of her made-for-TV filibuster of a late-term abortion bill. Davis’ California friends are among her biggest supporters, donating nearly $100,000 to her campaign last quarter.Davis’ socialist policies are way more in line with Hollywood liberals than Texans, so it makes sense she’s brunching in Beverly Hills!

(TX-28) The bad news just keeps coming for Texas’ most vulnerable member of Congress, Henry Cuellar. The House’s Medicare for All author, Pramila JayapalendorsedJessica Cisneros yesterday, joining a parade of socialists, including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. It’s clear Cuellar is in big trouble, especially after Cisneros outraised him in Q4. Looks like NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer was right!

(UT-04) Ben McAdams is showing Utahns he’s a corrupt congressman who’s bought and paid for by House Majority Forward and Michael Bloomberg. Not a great look for Ben, who’s already in hot water after voting this week in support of Nancy Pelosi’s “disrespectful” State of the Union temper tantrum.  Oh, and have you seen the latest polling in UT-04? President Trump’s approval rating is through the roof!

(VA-02, VA-07, VA-10) Impeachment isn’t the only sham Elaine Luria and Abigail Spanberger support! Turns out their no corporate PAC pledges are a sham as well. A new report says both have been receiving thousands of dollars from a shady PAC that is funded almost exclusively by……..wait for it………corporate PACs. All while telling Virginians the exact opposite! Abigail and Elaine must think Virginians are too stupid to catch on to their lies and dirty tricks, like joining Jennifer Wexton in selling out VA workers by striking down Virginia’s Right to Work law.

(WI-03) Ron Kind also sold out Wisconsin workers to his campaign donors, voting for the PRO Act, which imposes a one-size-fits-all federal rule, striking down Wisconsin’s Right to Work law. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumkathreatened to cut off donations to any legislator who opposed the bill, which is probably why Kind voted for it considering he’s received $1,450,560 from labor PACs over his career.

News & Notes

2020 candidates expected to use impeachment to sway voters

WASHINGTON (SBG)— With their eyes on the 2020 elections, Democrats are fighting to turn the U.S. Senate blue, while Republicans look for a red wave to take back the U.S. House. Both parties are expected to use impeachment to get there.

Their message is clear: Democrats argue that Republicans are complicit in President Donald Trump abusing his power and obstructing Congress, while Republicans believe Democrats are obsessed with hating the president and overturning the 2016 election.

Though the impeachment trial may be over soon, these talking points will carry on through November.

“I think it’s an opportunity that we’re gonna capitalize on and we’re gonna remind voters that they want to ignore your will,” National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee Press Secretary Michael McAdams said. “Democrat politicians and Democrat House members want to ignore your will in the 2016 election. They’re willing to do whatever they can to impeach and remove President Trump.”

McAdams said his group will use impeachment to attack Democrats in 30 specific seats in the U.S. House of Representatives that Trump won in 2016 but were later won by a Democrat in 2018.

“We’re looking in places like upstate New York, Pennsylvania and in those areas, impeachment is extremely unpopular,” McAdams said. “You hear things from voters on the road all the time. They want things like infrastructure, better paying jobs. Impeachment does not play into what voters want.” READ.

House Dem Admits They Block Legislation Because ‘We Don’t Want to Give the President a Win’

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D., N.J.) expressed frustration with her Democratic colleagues at a recent town hall, admitting they block legislation because they “don’t want to give the president a win.”

Speaking at a Livingston, New Jersey, town hall on Thursday, Sherrill revealed the “shockingly different mindset” of congressional Democrats who prioritize resisting President Donald Trump over passing legislation that could help their constituents.

“When I go, you know, I’ve gone up to people and said, ‘I need to get this piece of legislation passed,’ and they say ‘Oh yeah, we just passed it,’” Sherrill said. “I said, ‘Yeah, we just passed it. I need the Senate to pass it and I need the president to sign it,’ and they said ‘Well, we don’t want to give the president a win.’” READ.

Republicans say Sherill endorsement of Bloomberg was payback

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) tonight accused Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair) of endorsing Michael Bloomberg for president as repayment for the support of his Independence USA PAC in her 2018 campaign.

“All it took for Mikie Sherrill to sell out her principles and presidential endorsement was $2.2 million in cold, hard cash,” said NRCC spokesman Michael McAdams.

Bloomberg’s support came in the form of an independent expenditure that could not be coordinated with her campaign. READ.