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Source: Amnesty International –

Armed separatists continue abductions and killings

Army burned dozens of houses, Amnesty remote sensing analysis confirms more than 50 in two areas 

As of last December, 679,000 people were displaced

A surge in violence meted out by the Cameroon military since recent weeks, has led to dozens of killings and thousands of new displacements in several areas across the Anglophone regions, Amnesty International said today, ahead of parliamentary elections due to take place on Sunday 9 February.

Amid several reports of villages razed to the ground, Amnesty International remote sensing analysis confirms the burning of more than 50 houses in Babubock and neighbouring villages of Bangem in the South-West around 14 January. These destructions by the army, including killings of villagers, are serious human rights violations.

The security measures and increased military presence announced by the Cameroonian government to ensure this weekend’s vote can take place, appear to have been a pretext for a much more sinister operation.