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Source: European Parliament

In August 2019, the Austrian authorities confiscated two young tiger cubs that had been illegally transported from Slovakia to Austria and were being kept in inappropriate conditions in someone’s bath tub. The two cubs were transferred to Schönbrunn Zoo, but unfortunately died not long after.

Several Member States are dealing with high numbers of captive tigers and overlapping legal and illegal trade activities. In 2018, a puma cub named Tikam was illegally transported from Czechia to Germany. The cub was confiscated by the German authorities and handed over to the Vier Pfoten Tierart cat sanctuary to provide long-term care. There is, however, insufficient capacity in sanctuaries and rescue centres to deal with the influx of confiscated and rescued animals across the EU.

Is the Commission aware that tigers are being illegally transported and kept captive across Europe?

Is the Commission aware that due to a lack of monitoring of tigers in the Member States, there are numerous problems with keeping conditions, the movement of tigers across borders without proper legal papers and follow-up on where tigers end up?

Does the Commission agree that this confirms the need to issue EU guidance to restrict the commercial trade in captive tigers?

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