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Source: US State of Florida

Tallahassee – The Senate committee on appropriations voted unanimously last week to advance SB 346 on Criminal Justice. The bill, a bipartisan effort sponsored by Senator Bradley, would revise current statutes on penalties for persons who possess, purchase, or possess with the intent to purchase less than two grams of a controlled substance. This would not include fentanyl or related drugs.

“I applaud Chair Bradley in his efforts on reforming sentencing for certain drug possession charges. I have worked closely with members of the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida serving Orange and Osceola counties, to discuss steps that the legislature may take to help reform sentencing to reduce needless imprisonment for non-violent offenses,” said Stewart.

The bill would give the discretion to the court to depart from mandatory minimum imprisonment and fines for offences. This allows greater discretion to impart sentences suitable to each individual case.

“This bill is a step in the right direction that includes reforms that the democratic caucus has long championed. I was proud to be one of the Co-Introducers of SB 346, and to give my favorable vote to this legislation in its final committee stop. I am looking forward to seeing the bill again on the Senate floor,” said Stewart.