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Source: European Parliament

On 31 October 2019, the European Commission adopted the fourth list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI).

This latest version does not include projects hitherto considered essential for European energy security, such as the interconnection projects between Portugal and Spain and between Spain and France.

Reports in the Portuguese press citing ‘European Commission sources’ indicate that France and Spain influenced the decision. As these countries agreed that the Pyrenees pipeline should be excluded from this list, and as the third natural gas connector from Portugal depended on this project, it was apparently ‘agreed’ to remove both.

This decision is surprising in view of the high-level agreement in that regard reached between the Heads of State and Government of Portugal, Spain and France in July 2018 during the second Interconnection Summit.

In light of this, we should like to ask the Commission the following:

What are the reasons for the removal of these projects from the list of Projects of Common Interest?

Was the Government of Portugal informed of these changes when the list was drawn up?

What representations, if any, were made by the Portuguese Government before the European Commission to assert its position?

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