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Source: European Parliament

According to information provided by DG AGRI, imports of frozen fatty liver from Ukraine to the EU increased from around 1 tonne in 2014 to around 50 tonnes in 2018. This translates into almost double the total Belgian ‘foie gras’ production.

In order to be regarded as ‘foie gras’, these livers must meet a minimum weight requirement (as defined in Article 1(3) of Regulation No 543/2008) and the animals must therefore be force fed since such weights would not be attained naturally.

As the Commission knows, this practice is illegal in 23 Member States, in accordance with the animal welfare requirements of Directive 58/98.

Can the Commission provide an estimate of the number of animals whose livers were imported from Ukraine into the EU in 2018 as frozen fatty livers?

Can the Commission provide any information concerning the value of such imports?

Can the Commission say what use is made of these livers after importation into the EU?

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