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MIL OSI Translation. Government of the Republic of France statements from French to English

Source: Republic of France in FrenchLa French Republic has issued the following statement:

In 2019, Barkhane has continued its direct action against armed groups, terrorists, in particular in the region of the Liptako Gourma area, leading more than a hundred transactions alone, or in conjunction with partner forces. Two important figures of the RVIM, close to Iyad ag Ghali, have also been neutralized : it is of Djamel Okacha, alias Yahia Abou el Hammam, and Ali Maychou, alias Abderahmane al-Maghrebi.

In addition to the putting out of action many members of armed groups terrorists, the operation Barkhane has also seized or destroyed some hundreds of motorcycles and pick-ups and a very large quantity of ammunition of all calibres, as well as electronic equipment.

These direct operations against the GAT are essential to reduce their nuisance value and put them within the reach of local armed. They deal severe blows to these organizations and are involved in securing the Sahel. For all that, as recalled by the chief of staff this summer, ” the indicator of success is not the number of jihadists killed, but the amount of population that is not, or more, under the control of these groups “. In effect, the attrition of the GAT is also beyond the physical removal or capture : the comprehensive approach, which Barkhane is the military aspect and that is the basis of the strategy of France in the Sahel, contributes to the depletion of the channels of recruitment of the GAT in creating the conditions for the return of the State of the development.

To carry out these large-scale operations, the support of the partners of the national army and the joint force G5 Sahel has been fundamental. The year 2019 will have seen a strengthening of the cooperation between the soldiers of the Barkhane forces and partners through a true partnership of combat. The systematic integration of partner forces in operations represented up to more than 50 % of the volume of troops engaged. The FCG5S has also carried out a dozen operations, acting in the areas of operations complementary to those of Barkhane. This inclusion of the strengths of the G5 Sahel operations is the culmination of the military partnership operational Barkhane, which has trained more than 4000 soldiers of the forces of partners, including more than half of Malians, through more than 600 training activities.

The support of the air component in Niamey or n’djamena has been critical to these operations, with 950 outputs that will be allowed to fight directly against GAT, to support the land component and the partners on the ground, defending the need, or by reinsuring the rights-of-way of the allied forces.

2019 has also been the theatre of a renewed commitment from our european partners, in particular, notably through the arrival of two helicopters Merlin Danish. Our european partners are vital for the transport missions, as illustrated by the action of the british detachment, which allowed the transport of more than 8000 soldiers, with its 3 CHINOOK in 2019. Estonia has announced for 2020, the strengthening of the secondment, which currently has some fifty military personnel based in Gao. In addition to these supports, Spain, Germany, the United States, Canada continue to provide a valuable aid to the operation Barkhane in the field of air transportation of personal and materials.

With more than thirty of the convoys to supply food, equipment and fuel to the various sites in Mali, the battle group desert logistics (GTD-LOG) has once again been a central element of the action of the force Barkhane in BSS. In support of all operations, it has allowed us to have all the logistical resources necessary for the success of the missions. With its elements of maintenance, it has contributed to the maintenance and repair of the entire park, more than 800 vehicles (armoured and hgv, logistics vehicles, etc) of the operation Barkhane, to be challenged in an environment that is particularly rough.

In parallel and as a complement to these operations, the force Barkhane has led with its partners in the missions of direct support to the benefit of the population. 76 action projects civil-military have been completed in the band sahelo-saharan region. For example, the 35 actions in the Liptako-Gourma are reflected by the achievement of 6 water supply projects, 13 pastoralism and 16 in the education, energy and access to information. Concerning the medical assistance to the population, the health service of the operation Barkhane has completed over 100 daily consultations (medicine, surgery, trauma, dental, etc) and about 400 treatments per day.

Finally, in 2019, will have been sadly marked by the death in the operation of the 17 French soldiers who died for France. We bow down once again in front of their memory, as well as before the soldiers of burkina faso, malians, nigeriens and chadians who were killed in combat in the fight against terrorism and for the defence of their country.

Conduct by the French armed forces, in partnership with the countries of the G5 Sahel, operation Barkhane was launched on August 1, 2014. It is based on a strategic approach based on a logic of partnership with the main countries of the band sahelo-saharan africa (BSS) : Burkina-Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, and Chad. It includes approximately 4 500 members whose mission is to fight against the armed groups of terrorists and support the armed forces of partner countries so that they can take into account this threat.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and/or sentence structure is not be perfect.

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