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What are the phone numbers, and what websites and applications you can contact the utility services.

In Moscow finally came the winter. Where to complain of icy conditions, uncleared snow, icicles on the roofs and the excess reagents, read the material


For the maintenance of adjacent areas managers of the company. To clear snow from platforms at the entrances, stairs, roof, walkways and Parking needs of their employees — janitors.

If a bit of snow, sweep it with a broom. Heavy snowfall snow first, move to the edge of the track, and then put on a specially designated site. In the case of ongoing snowfall the wipers clean the sidewalks every three hours. They can use small tools.

Management companies are also responsible for the roofs of the houses. Roofing near main roads, pedestrian areas and playgrounds should be cleared within two days after a snowfall, in other places — within three days. If there is accumulated more than five inches of snow, the work must begin immediately, but only in the daytime. The danger zone under the projecting façade elements, metal and roofing needs to be fenced.

If you think that the wipers can’t cope with these problems, you should contact the management company. Phones of management companies is in the registry Department of housing and communal services of the city of Moscow, as well as on the website “Moscow House”.

If the management company ignores your request, you should contact the Council in your area or write a complaint to Moszhilinspektsiya. Statement the established sample include in person, mail or send to the email address:

On weekdays, during working hours you can also leave a complaint by calling The Union of administrative technical inspections (Of OATI) phone: 7 (499) 264-96-81 (if we are talking about the content of non-residential buildings and adjacent territories).

In any of these departments can also be addressed through e-reception.

If the snow is not removed, you can also leave an application on the phone of the Unified dispatch center: 7 (495) 539-53-53.


At bus stops, near metro stations and railway stations the snow needs to be cleaned immediately after snowfall, and in the case of prolonged heavy snowfall — after the loss of five inches of precipitation. For complete cleaning, you have five hours after the snowfall.

If the snow at bus stops and near metro stations is not clean, please notify the contact centre of “Moscow transport” by phones: 7 (495) 539-54-54 or 3210 (when calling from a mobile). Applications will be accepted daily from 08:00 to 20:00.

Streets and roads

Snow removal on streets and roads are also made within five hours after snowfall, and when prolonged heavy rainfall — after the loss of five inches of snow. The road first sweeps, then treated with deicing materials.

The curb needs to be cleared of snow within 24 hours after end of snowfall.

The date of final removal of snow from streets and roads at loss to ten inches of snow should not exceed three days. If snow fell more, for every additional five centimeters is given another day of cleaning.

Complain of bad cleaning of streets in Of OATI or dispatch center.


To inform about the actual problems on the portal “Our town”. You need to register on the resource, describe the problem and attach photos. The answer will come within eight working days.

On the portal you can leave a complaint:

– uncleared snow from the yard, Park or roadway;

– excessive or uneven the use of reagents in the courts

the use of salt as icing means in the parks

piles of dirty snow on lawns

ice in the yard;

icicles, frost and snow on the roofs and the eaves

ice, piles of dirty snow and uneven the use of reagents on the roads

unharvested stop public transport

— other problems.

In addition, issues related to the maintenance of the house and yard can be solved using the mobile app “Public Services Of Moscow”. There appeared a category of “Winter works”.

Fill out the required fields under “common control center”, select a category, specify the type of defect and submit the application to the work. Application status will be displayed in the application.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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