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Source: China State Council Information Office 2

The Luohu district government set the annual economic growth target of the district in 2020 at between 6.0 percent to 6.5 percent, according to a report of the fourth meeting of the 7th district congress of representatives of Party members of the Communist Party of China convened on Dec. 30.

The report said that the reduction of taxes and fees in the district last year hit more than 12 billion yuan, and the government had spent about 9.12 billion yuan within its general public budget.

The report said that Luohu plans to invest 26.1 billion yuan on fixed assets in 2020, compared with the 33.2 billion yuan spent in 2019.

It is noteworthy that the resource and energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of the district’s gross domestic product has dropped markedly — 5.8 percent down in land, 5.4 percent down in water and 4.5 percent down in electricity, the report said.

According to Luo Yude, Party chief of Luohu who presided over the meeting, the district has invested 660 million yuan on industrial upgrading and poverty alleviation. A total of 128 large-scale projects have also been introduced in the district, and a host of enterprises are planning to build their headquarters in Luohu.

In 2019, the district government invested 7.7 billion yuan on 136 projects to improve people’s livelihoods, and has accelerated its three-year action plan to “find the problems, pay the debts and benefit the people”.

A total of 6,589 places were added to primary and middle schools, and government-subsidized kindergartens now accommodate 81 percent of the children in the district’s kindergartens. Last year, public cultural facilities covering an area of 16,000 square meters were also built.

In 2018, the district also built 10,012 apartments for needy people, among which 1,357 were assigned to qualified applicants. Also, the construction of 5,900 government-subsidized houses started in the Chahuadi area.

The government also spent 133 million yuan on 1,300 small and tiny projects that can help improve the people’s immediate interests.

Luo has urged Party member representatives and officials to embrace the opportunities to build Shenzhen into a pilot demonstration zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics and construct the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. He also urged officials to dedicate themselves to the further modernization of governance and to make the government work smart, scientifically and efficiently so as to make Luohu a safe, stable and prosperous district where justice and fairness are guaranteed by the rule of law.

According to the report, Luohu will keep its unemployment rate below 3 percent, and ensure that its residents’ per capita disposable income can grow largely at pace with that of local economic growth in 2020. It added that the district will also create an additional 165,000 square meters for industrial use, supply 24 hectares of land for commercial and public use, and demolish at least 1.2 million square meters of illegal building projects.

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