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TOURISM MARÍTIMOSegundo the Dock Company of the state of Ceará, is expected to increase to 50% of the move from the visitors after the lease

Rafael Brais, with the information of the Ministry of Infrastructure and

With the auction, and is expected to increase by 50% in the movement of the visitors. Credit to: Jade-Work/MTurBoa in the news for the marine tourism in the country: it will be held in march 2020, and the auction of the lease of the ferry Terminal, Passengers in Fortaleza. The unit, which works within the Harbour is Organized in the best location, has been classified as a Program of the Partnership for the Investment of the federal government (PPI), and will be passed on to the private sector, both in the framework for the movement of passengers and the parking area.The ministry of Tourism, Marcelo, Álvaro, Antonio, points out that the auction is more of a measure directed to the appropriate structure of the industry, which is essential for the development of the travel industry. “We need to give conditions on the ships to assail and to be able to do that, the tourists will have access to the cities and towns on the coast of brazil. It is essential to turn around the economy,” he underlined.According to the Companhia Docas do Ceará, the administrator of the site, with the expectation that, after the lease is for an increase of 50% in the circulation of passengers, because the winner will go on to have a dedicated operation of this type of transport. Since the start of operations in 2014, the unit has received with 42 vessels, and is an average of 63,5 thousand tourists, an area of 16 thousand just by 2018. “With the lease, we pass the responsibility to an individual, you are going to focus on the management of the space and, with that, we will be able to devote more efforts should be made to the transportation of freight,” explains the managing director, the chairman of the Docks in the northeastern state of Ceará, Mayhara Key.Already, the secretary of the national port and Waterway Transportation, Ministry of Infrastructure, David Piloni, it appears that the rent will increase efficiency, in order to improve the quality of services for passengers. “This is in addition to the promotion of tourism in the region. It’s more of an achievement of the Ministry’s Infrastructure and, in partnership with the regulator, to come hang out,” he says.You will win the auction for the group, it may offer the maximum amount of the grant to the Docks, in the state of Ceará. Under the rules of the bidding documents, the officer will administer an area of 27,640 m2 for a period of 25 years, renewable up to 70 years of age. In addition, the notice provides for the payment of installments of fixed R$ R $ 54.435,28 of them by the tenant. On the other hand, he may be able to collect the rate-ceiling of$ 59,31 for the loading and unloading of passengers, as well as the ratio of traffic to maximum of$ 39,29. The company is also going to have to invest a total of$ 1.6 million on the design of the terminal.In This Edition: André Martins

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