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Ladies and gentlemen, Mr President! Mr President, ladies and gentlemen! It is good that we lead a lively debate on the Middle East.

(Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: But please, seriously, Mr!)

I have shown the speakers Jürgen Hardt, Aydan Özoğuz, Bihan Djir-Sarai and Omid Nouripour very, very grateful that you once cause and effect.

If we are to speak very soberly and objectively,

(Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: That was neither sober nor serious.)

so, a deeper look into the applications, the present has tried to Mr Hampel here, without responding to them is worth it. Ladies and gentlemen, is actually in one of the applications, due to the economic destabilization of the West, the refugees were prevented from returning and therefore, you should remove the sanctions against Syria.

(Dr. Franziska Brantner [ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS]: madness!)

Jürgen Hardt and Aydan Özoğuz have made it clear that there are over Mutilated 6 million internally displaced persons, over 5 million people that are outside of the country, around half a Million Deaths and over 1 Million. The people are not, but fled because of economic destabilization. And they will not return but even if the sanctions are lifted.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU, the SPD, the FDP and ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS)

You are affected by the bombs of Assad, and by the proxies of Iran’s deep

(Dr. Franziska Brantner [ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS]: So it is!)

and the reality of your life has been pushed. It is our task to think about how you can solve the Problem. It is not, anyway, by working on the effects around. Because you have to go to the causes.

(Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: you have not even begun to think! – Dr. Götz Frömming [AfD]: you do not hit to Assad, it is the people!)

The middle East is coming apart at the seams

(Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: Even the social Democrats have some good ideas!)

as we still had a window of opportunity, well before the Russian invasion, not the red lines exploited by the US to operate there. The German diplomacy is due to that there was the Geneva process. We should also be a bit proud of the fact that we have pushed the political process forward by the Federal government, with the support of this house.

(Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: This is ridiculous, Mr. Kiesewetter!)

This is something we should encourage.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)

I think very much, ladies and gentlemen, as to the property, to return to work. That’s why their applications are rejected also.

(Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: Unbelievable! Unqualified!)

I want to make it clear: The illegal move by the Turkey’s and Russia’s actions lead to a stabilization of Assad. We should also set out that for the year 2021 provided for elections to bring before a few Changes. That is, we have two more years of hard diplomatic work ahead of us. Therefore, all proposals are to be welcomed, the cul-de-SAC, in which the conflict parties have maneuvered to dissolve again.

The CSCE proposal is misleading, because the CSCE process in Europe, from Europe, for reasons of human rights, from the division of the blocks, the splitting of families across the Iron curtain is created. We can only appeal to you from the Region out of the desire for peace and the will to a positive conflict culture.

(Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: Dream of you more time!)

We should encourage with our diplomacy and not through service trips pay homage to a dictator.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU and ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS as well as from members of the SPD)

Ladies and gentlemen, there are in my view four points, we need to address. Mrs Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has encounter with your proposal, you tried this cul-de-SAC to

(Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: we have proposed as early as 2015!)

a number of these points addressed. I want to bring these four points once in a relationship:

In the first place. If we engage as Europeans, there in the refugee aid in the separation of the parties to the conflict, in the creation of a safe haven for refugees, then that is a sign that we no longer want to be an onlooker, but in a constructive and helpful participation in political processes.

Secondly. It is a sign to Turkey that we want to keep the Western Alliance, we want to help her, of this illegal action, the breach of international law – it clearly to address – with this attack, again based on the level of the return to the rule. The need for a major effort by the Europeans, and we should be ready.

(Applause from the Abg. Ursula Groden-Kranich [CDU/CSU])

Thirdly, ladies and gentlemen, it is a sign to Russia that we accept their presence there, if you are willing to the Geneva process, that we accept their bases in Tartus and Latakia and that we see that Russia has filled the vacuum left by the West, but also in a political process is interested in. This is the sign that we give to Russia.

(Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: Ah! Interesting! The sound of something completely different!)

– To listen to you, then you learn something, Mr Hampel.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU – Armin-Paul Hampel [AfD]: Not from you, Mr. Kiesewetter!)

If we pair the to this area, then, I think, we also have a lever to come to Russia on a diplomatic level back to the Behavior.

Fourthly, ladies and gentlemen, it is necessary that we give a signal to the refugees Remain in the Region, we will help you. – We support here a return perspective, not through the lifting of the sanctions, but by help – here – in the Integration and training

(Dr. Götz Frömming [AfD]: This leads to even more refugees!)

and to protect it there – then with willingness, a Zone where the refugees close to their home again and returning can think of.

In this sense, we reject their requests, but make a contribution to a constructive approach of the day.

Thank you for the attention.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)


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