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Source: European Parliament

In 2011, the Commission initiated a dialogue with Italy through the EU Pilot system (2079/11/EMPL) concerning the so-called Gelmini law (240 of 30 December 2010), Article 26(3) of which fixes the parameters for calculating the acquired rights of foreign lecturers at Italian universities. These parameters have not been applied.

The Italian legislature adopted Law No 167 in 2017. Article 11 provides for supplementary contracts and for increased funding for universities to resolve the dispute regarding the lettori and to prevent new litigation.

The Italian Government published an inter-ministerial decree in 2019 that restricts the ambit of those supplementary contracts to apply only to those lettori in service on 31 December 2018. All lettori who retired between Gelmini and December 2018 are excluded from benefiting from the acquired rights, including their pension rights.

The expiry date for the application of those supplementary contracts was 31 October 2019. No contracts for any lettori have been offered, let alone signed.

One of the most fundamental principles of the EU Treaties is free movement of workers, yet this situation brings the entire European project and its institutions into disrepute. Will the Commission therefore commit to initiating infringement proceedings in this case?

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