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Plan trips through the city museums and exhibition halls from 9 to 15 November.

Program “Moscow Museum week” helps you to see all the interesting exhibitions in seven days. Since April, more than 40 museums and exhibition halls, subordinated capital The Department of culture work for free one day in the third week of each month.

9 Dec starts last in this year’s Museum week. and the Agency “Moscow” has chosen the exhibition that you can visit for free Monday through Sunday.

Monday: Museum-panorama “Borodino battle”

The permanent exhibition

Place: Museum-panorama “Borodino battle” (the Kutuzovsky prospectus, the house 38, building 1)

Date: 9 Dec

December 9 will be the first day of the panorama Museum The battle of Borodino after two years of overhaul. Visitors will see not only the main piece, a 115-metre canvas “Borodino” by Franz Roubaud, but also other masterpieces of battle painting, for example, “fight for the flag. The feat of cavalry guards Gavrilova and Omelchenko Austerlitz” (1910-1912) Viktor Mazurovsky, “Feat of the soldier Rajewski under Saltanovka” (1912) Nicholas Samokish and “Living bridge” (1897) of the same Roubaud. Also the exposition of the panorama Museum presents uniforms, weapons and firearms, items of applied and decorative arts, and rare books.

Tuesday: the Vadim Sidur Museum and “Multimedia art Museum”

“The happy autumn”

Place: the Museum of Vadim Sidur (novogireevskaya ulitsa, Dom 37 a)

Date: 10 Dec

Exhibition project “The happy autumn” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Museum, talks about the way that was the sculptor avant-garde artist Vadim Sidur, and the history of the Museum named after him. Opened in 1989, three years after the artist’s death and two after his first retrospective in the USSR, the Museum became one of the first centers of modern art.

The title of the exhibition refers to a poetic compilation, on which Siddur she worked until the end of life. The exhibition is based around the genre of tombstones for Sidur, who has not been recognized in England, the creation of the tombstones was a way of expression, and the possibility of earnings. Also on display are “Coffin-art” — so called artist their work of building materials, rusty pipes and scrap, worked in the 1970s.

“Wu Gown. There is no space”

Place: “Multimedia art Museum” (street Ostozhenka, 16)

Date: 10 Dec

Chinese photographer Wu Gown became famous thanks to a series of pictures Cycling cemeteries. Year ago photos of landfills, hired bicycles had been distributed leading Chinese and international media and attracted the attention not only to the problem shown in the photo, but to the author himself. The project called “No seats” Wu Gown dedicated weaseling seized China in just a couple of years and turned the most environmentally friendly form of transport a threat to the environment. Wu Gown visited more than 50 natural Cycling of cemeteries and captured them in photos and videos.

Wednesday: “Tsaritsyno” Museum and A. N. Scriabin

“To table!”

Place: the Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno” (Dolsky street, house 1)

Date: 11 Dec

Exhibition in the Opera house invites you to the table set for a dinner party. Hamburger, popcorn, pizza, grilled fish and Asian noodles: every visitor will find the dish to taste. To try will not work — treats are made from baked clay, totally inedible. Chefs are 36 artists in ceramics. The exhibition “To the table!” — this is a game that calls to wonder what is the food for modern people.

“Gift of the Magi”

Venue: the Memorial Museum of A. N. Scriabin (Bolshoi Nikolopeskovsky pereulok, 11, building 1)

Date: 11 Dec

“Gift of the Magi” a traditional December exhibition of the Museum of Scriabin. A project developed a few years ago, has nothing to do with music, but in the Memorial Museum came to the court. For two weeks, the concert hall turns into a bustling, bright and cheerful fair where artists from different cities present their work. Christmas decorations, paintings, graphics, designer jewelry, dolls and cards this year visitors will find at the fair of goods for any taste and feel the atmosphere of the approaching holidays.

Thursday: Museum of ceramics and manor Kuskovo “Yesenin-center” and the Darwin Museum

“Volochaevsky porcelain. To the 180th anniversary of the plant of the A. M. Miklashevsky”

Place: Museum of ceramics and Kuskovo (street Youth, the house 2, structure 1)

Date: 12 Dec

Exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of porcelain manufacture, founded by landowner Andrey Mikhailovich Miklashevsky in 1839 at the family estate in the village Volokitina Glukhovski County Chernigov province. Thanks to the invitation of the French and Saxon masters, who taught Volokitina peasants as well as high-quality raw materials, its products are immediately took a prominent place in the porcelain market of the Russian Empire.

The manufactory has existed for just over 20 years, closing almost immediately after the abolition of serfdom. The short life has made its products the target of collecting.

For the first time fully exhibited the Museum’s collection of porcelain Volokitina factory. No extant works can be seen in archival photos.

“Oh, dear Vanya, I walk around Paris…”

Place: “Yesenin-center” (Chernyshevskogo pereulok, Dom 4, building 2)

Date: 12 Dec

Exhibition “Oh, dear Vanya, I walk around Paris…” on the friendship of two artists — Vladimir Vysotsky and Ivan Bortnik played the role of zheglova and Blotter in the famous Soviet series about the work of the Moscow criminal investigation Department. In 2019, 80 years since the birth of Bortnik (the artist died in early years) and 40 years since the premiere of the film “meeting Place cannot be changed”. The friendship of actors started on the stage of the Taganka Theatre — visitors are greeted by a picture where they are embracing each other, stand on the legendary stage.

As the title of the exhibition selected the first line of the song Vysotsky addressed to the Bortnik. Under the ceiling — a touching and humorous message friends, flying from the French capital to Moscow and back. In the 1970s, Vysotsky spent a lot of time in Paris, where he recorded music, he appeared on television. Fell in love with France, over time he more and more disappointed. The result was summed up in the song: “in General, Ivan, we need you in Paris, as in the Russian bath ski”.

Along with letters and postcards the exposition features archival photos, rare records autographed, make-up table Vysotsky, bobbin records, and more.

“Life among snow and ice”

Place: State Darwin Museum (ulitsa Vavilova, Dom 57)

Date: 12 Dec

About life in a frozen realm says exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. In the area of eternal winter are not only the Emperor penguins, whales, walruses and butterflies, but also people. How people and animals suffer severe frosts, where the heat sources on this and many other will tell the exhibits from the collections of the Museum of nomadic culture, the state Darwin Museum and more photos.

Friday: exhibition hall of the “people’s painting”, Museum-reserve “Kolomenskoye” and Izmaylovo estate

“Outsider art: creating the Universe”

Place: exhibition hall of the “National picture” (Izmailovo Boulevard, 30)

Date: 13 Dec

Exhibition tell about one of the most interesting and insufficiently studied trends of naive art outsider art. The so-called works of Amateur artists, due to various reasons, separated from society. Insulation does not interfere with their work — on the contrary, helps you to remain free from the situation of the art world.

The exhibition presents works of Soviet and Russian artists of outsider Gennady Lukomnikov, Pavel Leonov, Alex Hatkevich, Alexander Lobanov, Jurassic Green, Basil Romanenkova, Andrey Tsymbal and others.

“Tree a hundred years ago. Vintage Christmas decorations”

Place: the Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye (Prospekt Andropova, house 39, structure of 69)

Date: 13 Dec

Exhibition dedicated to the attributes of the celebration of Christmas and New year in Russia at the turn of XIX-XX centuries. The main characters of the exhibition — Christmas decorations from cardboard, gelatin, velvet, glass and other materials. Also on display are vintage garlands, tinsel, candy boxes, nuts with surprises, balloons, apples, calendars and Christmas cards at that time.

At the exhibition you can learn about Christmas markets, masquerades and carnivals, the image of Santa Claus and how selected presents. Semantic center of the exhibition space with the decorated Christmas tree, arranged according to the canons of the early twentieth century.

“Rosh Hashanah is. The beginning of the Church year and the secular in medieval Russia”

Venue: Izmailovo manor (a town named after Bauman, 2, building 14)

Date: 13 Dec

Another exhibition dedicated to the traditions of New year celebrations. Until the end of the XV century, the era had its own characteristics the Church’s calendar begins in September, and in March, Rosh Hashanah is celebrated according to pagan traditions. At the same time collecting taxes. The exposition in the manor shows the history of the feast with exhibits, including objects of decorative art, manuscripts and printed books, monuments of ancient art.

Sunday: the M. A. Bulgakov Museum, the Center Gilyarovskogo, Biological Museum, space Museum, Pushkin Museum

“A dictionary of writers Mikhail Bulgakov: Dmitry Moaning”

Place: the Museum of M. A. Bulgakov (Bolshaya Sadovaya street, building 10)

Date: 15 Dec

The Museum continues the series of exhibitions “a Dictionary of writers Mikhail Bulgakov’s” devoted to the fate of your writer friends who have linked their lives with the literature. Opened a series of exhibition about the author of revolutionary plays, novels, essays and novels Georgia Guidescom. In December, “a Dictionary of writers Mikhail Bulgakov” will continue exhibition telling about hard destiny of the participant of the great Patriotic war, prisoner of Stalin’s camps of the writer Dmitry Stonov. With Bulgakov, they were friends, however, attended literary circles and went to the editors. The exhibition presents books and documents Stanova from the personal family archive of the writer.

The movement of the masses. The Moscow metro through the lens of Dmitry Zverev

Location: Center Gilyarovskogo (Stoleshnikov lane, house 9, structure 5)

Date: 15 Dec

In the pictures photographer Dmitry Zverev of the Moscow metro appears in a variety of guises. We see the solid mass of a human stream, shot on a long exposure during peak hours, and the peace of the deserted station, and meeting in the center of the room — all that any of us daily descending underground sees as a part of the action.

Zverev working in different genres, but his most famous works are photographs on the theme big city photographer four-time winner of the award “Silver camera”, contests, Best photographer, Best of Russia and “planet Moscow”.

“Shepherds forest”

Place: the State biological Museum named after K. A. Timiryazev (Malaya Gruzinskaya street, 15, building 1)

Date: 15 Dec

To old trees the Japanese refer with great respect. According to the national legend, they can bring good luck and cure diseases. In Japan, a lot of really old trees, some of them more than two thousand years. Photographer Shigeru Yoshida from the 1980s travels around the world in search of amazing trees. The exhibition “Shepherds forest” you can see the selected works, which show especially the old and beautiful trees of America, Africa, Europe and of course Japan.

“Doctors in space orbit”

Location: space Museum (the World prospectus, the house 111)

Date: 15 Dec

Exhibition confined to three major dates in the history of space medicine. First, 55 years ago the first ship of the series “Sunrise” was taken into earth orbit the world’s first crew with the first space doctor Boris Yegorov in the composition. Second, 35 years old from the date of departure in space doctor Oleg Atkov. Third, 25 years ago started record-breaking flight physician Valery Polyakov, who stayed in orbit for 437 days and 18 hours.

The exposition will acquaint visitors with the nuances of the profession the space of the doctor and will tell you how flying in space help work on Earth. Among the exhibits taken from the collections of the Museum and the personal archives of heroes of the exhibition.

Ilya Komov. “Rhyme”

Venue: exhibition halls of the Pushkin Museum (Arbat, 55/32 house)

Date: 15 Dec

Exhibition Moscow artist Ilya Komov presents around 30 new works, mainly of St. Petersburg landscapes. The title of the exhibition says: the plot rhyme with the lines of the works of Alexander Pushkin, devoted to the Northern capital.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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