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NEPAL assures of inclusion of the company on the “List is Dirty” work, slave

Posted : 02/12/2019 – up-to-Date at : 16:15:12

Photo: Ministry of Public Work

The attorney General’s office obtained a favorable decision before the Regional Labor Court of the 3rd Region in order to ensure the re-inclusion of the company in the register of employers who have workers in conditions analogous to slavery, referred to as the “List is Dirty”, in a farm in Minas Gerais, brazil.The activity of the impresario booked it was the coal bunker (the production of charcoal in forest planted) in the district, close to São João Del Rei, minas gerais, brazil). The location, the staff, the audit has identified the 15 employees in a position similar to that of a slave, which has resulted in 15 notices of violation, and the inclusion of the employer into account.The manager had brought the action for the removal of his name from the register, has been given a positive decision on the basis of the fact that the proceedings are also being discussed in the context of a civil action, which takes place in the same way.The request for suspension of the decision issued by the OFCE has been argued that, while it is not reviewed in the class action lawsuit, the copyright should remain on the register, it is necessary to the permanence of the presumption of legality of the administrative act of the supervision of the law.The work was carried out by the public Prosecutor’s office-a Branch of the Union, to Judge from the Outside, and the office of the Prosecutor of the Union in Minas Gerais state, in co-operation. The lawyer for the Union, Ewerton Oliveira, pointed out the importance of this decision and to uphold the principles of the constitution.“The success of the face of the TRT in the context of the injunction follows directly from the consistent practice of the agencies of law enforcement. It was the working together that has allowed for the success in the defense of the founding principles of the Labour Law and of the present Federal Constitution, and in particular, to the dignity of the human person,” he said.To understand if the Union applied for is sending him to fight the decision, which permitted the removal of the name of the company from the register of employers who have workers in conditions akin to slavery.In this case, in the judgment of the first rank were excluded, the company, by suspending the progress made up to the judgement of the civil lawsuit, in which it is being analyzed, the accuracy of monitoring the operating conditions and the validity period of the infringement imputed to the plaintiff.The writ of mandamus, the OFCE has reported on the need to suspend the effect of the injunction in the first instance, pointing out that caution must be exercised in the deletion of names from the list on the registration form, for the case of a material sensitive to the principles of the Right to Work, as well as the Constitution of the Federal government.In the report, the audit pointed out the irregularities and problems in the work of the company in respect of its employees. The document reports on the absence of the contracts and the notes in the CTPS, the lack of safe drinking water for human consumption, in addition to the lack of electrical power to the refrigerator for storage of perishable goods, use the bathroom, and personal protective equipment for the workers.The appeal of the Union explained that the issue went far beyond the bounds of the acceptable. “It’s not about the simple mal-administration/labor, but to show contempt for the enforcement of the labour legislation, in particular with regard to the health and safety of the worker”, has warned of the QUALITIES.Peter Marino

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