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Source: European Parliament

Since 2018, real-time aerial surveillance of the Western Balkans region has been conducted under Frontex’s Eurosur/Copernicus Fusion Services. Using a chartered aircraft, the Multipurpose Aerial Surveillance Service (MAS) – formerly Frontex Aerial Surveillance Services (FASS) – was initially conducted, in 2017, in the Mediterranean. There are also surveillance flights in pre-frontier areas off Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. According to Frontex, these services are supposedly of ‘high added value’ for the activities carried out under the direction of the Frontex Situation Centre (FSC). In 2018, apparently, more than 1 800 hours were flown in support of MAS, including on behalf of other EU agencies.

Was Frontex MAS and FASS aerial reconnaissance near Croatia’s EU external border asked for and ordered, and what agreements were concluded for that purpose?

For how long has Frontex been conducting surveillance of Croatia’s EU external border, using MAS and FASS, and how far into the country’s interior have flights penetrated?

How many officials from which Member States are currently working in the FSC and the European Monitoring Team, and how many of Frontex’s own staff are employed there?

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