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Source: United Civil Party Belarus – in Belarusian

Without falsification of elections and the current government crackdown has not vtrymatstsa.Nosbitav Belarusian authorities afraid of even small shifts in the direction of democracy, as in the case of fair elections among the elect will not be. Moreover, it would have to answer for the offense. Therefore, during the election authorities are willing to go to any violations and falsifications, which repeatedly boley.Padsumovvayuchy results of the parliamentary election campaign, the UCP expert on elections Viktor Kornienko in an interview site notes: – Stable trend continues – each time the election campaigns are more dirty. This was no exception. The intrigue remained only if the script on the 2016 regime will, which, in my opinion, gave him more advantages than disadvantages. But now the negative role played by the preparations for the 2020 campaign. There may be many surprises. Experts predict interference and Russia. Yes, and the regime is weakened every time. Therefore, the uncertainty did not allow the authorities to play any combinational way, and everything was under syakeru.Navat hand caught counterfeiters who are in the country would be punished legal, this system took custody, demonstrating that all will be as it has decided to power. Perhaps, for the time being and will be, but when it all changes, make sure you come the criminal liability of all such faktah.- “Belarusian elections did not meet democratic standards”, – the conclusion made by the OSCE observers. Do you share their opinion – They are professionals who know the situation in Belarus are subject. Therefore I’d like to thank the international observers for the objective analysis of what adbylosya.- Meanwhile, representatives of the CIS, in spite of the obvious violations and falsifications, rushed to defend the Belarusian regime. So the head of the CIS mission Lebedev, according to Interfax, said that “the elections in Belarus were free and democratic” .- CIS is now an anachronism. And stores only to justify the elections in authoritarian countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. This is the only feature that remained in the so-called CIS, where the regimes have to ensure that their victory is not supported by the people, and it is necessary to help falsifikatarav.- expect a negative reaction of the West with regard to Belarus, the most active representatives of the regime – I think the reaction would be more than after the elections in 2016, when the authorities give us something could splurge. Now that there is no dust. I think the relationship that has always been – on border issues, security, energy – will remain. But the integration of Western politicians fervor subsided a little.


Editor’s NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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