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Source: Hong Kong Information Services

The People’s Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison participates in voluntary and charitable activities in the city from time to time, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said today.

Speaking to reporters ahead of an Executive Council meeting, Mrs Lam noted the garrison’s stationing in Hong Kong is to perform defence functions.

“But it is not uncommon from time to time for the garrison to undertake some voluntary and charitable activities in Hong Kong.”

There are clear rules and circumstances governing those situations, she added.

“I can give you a list of examples of the garrison’s participation in such charitable and voluntary activities.

“Like last year, when we had super typhoon Mangkhut, they came out to help clear the collapsed trees, which of course, was much welcomed by the people of Hong Kong.

“And from time to time they also visited some elderly homes and they arranged training activities for some of our youngsters.”

Mrs Lam also urged people not to overinterpret the garrison’s voluntary involvement.

“Particularly, if you look at the actual circumstances, the ordinary Hong Kong citizens, they were taking part in clearing roads right in front of one of the military facilities of the garrison, that is Kowloon East.

“So for any ordinary people, if people are helping to clear the road in front of your building, then you feel more obliged to give a helping hand.”

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