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November 11, 1994, was signed the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on the establishment of 1 State test cosmodrome Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation (1 sec of defense, Plesetsk cosmodrome) in the Military space forces on the basis of the Main centre of tests and application of space means. This decree was officially awarded the status of Plesetsk cosmodrome.

Over the past 25 years from the Plesetsk cosmodrome held about 180 launches of space rockets that put into orbit more than 350 of spacecraft for various purposes and is about 80 launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Currently, the Plesetsk cosmodrome is a complex scientific-technical complex, performing tasks in the interests of the species and genera of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The total area of the spaceport is 176 thousand 200 hectares, stretching from North to South for 46 kilometers and from East to West and 82 km. Geographically, the cosmodrome located in the Arkhangelsk region and is the northernmost spaceport in the world.

In the composition of the Plesetsk cosmodrome – launch systems with launchers of rockets for space applications, technical systems for preparation of carrier rockets and spacecraft, multifunctional gas-neutralization station (NMS) for charging of launch vehicles, upper stages and spacecraft components of rocket fuels, 1473 buildings, 237 of power supply facilities.

The spaceport has an extensive network of roads (300 km) and Railways (326 km).

Measuring the spaceport perform data collection and mathematical processing of trajectory and telemetry data for missile launches and space vehicles and Intercontinental ballistic missiles. Part of measuring consists of measuring stations located in the cities of Mirny, Severodvinsk, Naryan-Mar, Norilsk.

Ballistic and analytical support for launches of carrier rockets carried out from Baikonur allows for a full analysis of performance of all types of launches of space rockets, to provide ballistic and navigation support of spacecraft launches.

As the largest spaceport, located on the territory of Russia, Plesetsk in the future should become the main launch site, most spacecraft, primarily in the interests of defense and security of the country. Here is the creation and development of promising space rocket complex “Soyuz-2” and “Angara”, built on modern domestic element base and designed to ensure the maintenance of orbital grouping in the coming decades.

Currently, the spaceport operated boosters light class “Angara-1.2”, “Soyuz-2.1”, “Roar” middle class “Soyuz-2.1 a, Soyuz-2.1 B” and heavy class “Angara-A5”.

Russian defense Ministry continues work on developing the Plesetsk cosmodrome. In 2019 at Baikonur completed the reconstruction of the second launch complex for the rocket “Soyuz-2” of the middle class.

The creation of space rocket complex “Soyuz-2” and “Angara” will allow you to run all spacecraft for defense purposes from the Russian territory, that is really guaranteed the independence of domestic military space.

In addition to preparing and conducting launches of space rockets to the Plesetsk cosmodrome performs the task of carrying out launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, including trials of new promising models of military missile systems.

Since its formation in 1957 to present a joint fighting calculation of the cosmodrome Plesetsk and the strategic Missile forces from the Northern cosmodrome held more than 500 launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, tested 20 missiles.

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