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Source: City of Sydney What’s On

Engage in repair, learn new skills, share the ones you already know, and feel good about giving back to the planet.
On alternating Saturdays, the Bower will host themed repair cafes in the Banga Community Shed. We’ll bring electrical, clothing, bike and phone repair cafes into the space, to enable the community to repair, learn skills and promote reuse.
Visit us at the shed on 9 November to find out when to bring a broken item and how to get involved and share your knowledge as a volunteer.
Here are more details about the repair cafes starting 16 November.
Electrical repairs:Bring a piece of electrical item to fix with one of our volunteers, learn to safely dismantle, identify issues and take home a renewed electrical.Facilitators: The Bower ElectricalsWhen : Every 1st SaturdayUpcoming dates: 7 December (2019) , 4 January, 8 February (2020)
Clothing repairs:Learn to sew a dropped hem, amend buttons, dodgy zip, torn, frayed or holey thing in this community repair program, where people sew with people who think they can’t!Facilitators : You Think SewWhen: Every 2nd Saturday*Upcoming dates: 14 December (2019), 11 January, 15 February (2020)
Bike repairs:Get out your cobwebbed frames and get back on the road with our bicycle tune up program where volunteers help you to build, maintain and repair bicycles.Facilitators: The Bicycle GardenWhen : Every 3rd Saturday of the monthUpcoming dates: 16 November (2019), 18 January, 22 February (2020)
Mobile phone repairs:Refurbish, diagnose complicated repairs and get comprehensive advice on your old smart phones for faults.Facilitators: The (Re) Connect ProjectEvery 4th Saturday of the month*Upcoming dates: 23 November (2019), 25 January, 29 February (2020)