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Source: Russian Federation Government 2

In the course of patrol inspections of public service facilities (public catering facilities) situated in the territory of Kaluga, the officers of the Administration for Migration Issues of the MIA Administration for the Kaluga Region detected 5 foreign citizens from former Soviet republics (the Republic of Uzbekistan and Republic of Tadzhikistan) who stayed and worked illegally in the territory of the Russian Federation in violation of the regulations for staying (living) in Russia.

The illegal migrants worked as cooks at public catering facilities and made bakery products sold in the cafe.

In the result of inspection, the policemen stopped 8 administrative migration offences; 8 reports in relation to the foreign citizens were made, in particular:

– 5 reports under Article 18.10 “Unlawful Labour Activities in the Russian Federation” of the Russian Code of Administrative Offences;

– 3 reports under Article 18.8 “Violation of the Regime for Staying (Living) in the Russian Federation” of the Russian Code of Administrative Offences.

The foreign citizens having violated the migration law of the Russian Federation will be imposed administrative penalty in the form of administrative charges in the amount of 2,000 roubles for each administrative offence committed.

In addition, a foreign female citizen illegally staying in the territory of Russia is imposed administrative charges and administrative expulsion from the Russian Federation with a 5-year travel ban.

At present inspection of the employers illegally using labour of foreign workers is in progress. They are facing administrative penalty in the form of charges in the amount from 250 to 800 thousand roubles for each illegal foreign employee.

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