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In today’s digital age, an ever-growing amount of our communication and self-expression is done online, and while we benefit from our online networks, social media can also be a place where negative voices get amplified. That’s why Samsung and #TeamGalaxy member Millie Bobby Brown have teamed up to encourage people to spread positivity online.

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Together, Samsung and Millie are inviting their followers around the world to share messages of positivity to their social channels in a movement toward making the internet a better place. Fans can share their thoughts or messages as an image, video or Instagram Story with the hashtag #SpreadTheLove♥ a personal mantra of Millie’s and one she regularly shares to her social channels.

“I believe we can all work to make social media a happier place,” affirms Millie.

Please visit Samsung Explore to learn more about how Millie Bobby Brown is spreading positivity online.

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