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The CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag will back the relations of Germany and Europe to Latin America came back into focus. To that end, it had adopted in may a policy paper “Vision 2030 – A partnership for the future”. At a Congress in the Reichstag, they discussed with experts on concrete steps for a closer partnership.

The foreign policy spokesman of the group, Jürgen Hardt, said: “We want to open a new Chapter in relations with Latin America.” In most of the countries of Latin America to find political allies and friends with whom you can the rule-based multilateral order to strengthen. It was important to enter into dialogue with them, especially on parliamentary level. Hardt argued that a Ambassador of Germany to the organization of American States (OAS) to be accredited.

Great interest in the Group Congress on the Future of Cooperation and Dialogue with

— CDU/CSU (@ucuducen) November 4, 2019

“Natural Partner”

The CDU-skilled politician Andreas Nick led the change in the geopolitical situation in the field, which is characterized by the retreat of the USA, and increasing involvement of China and Russia. Against this Background, the Europeans were required to pay Latin America and the Caribbean more attention. Given the common historical and cultural roots, they were “natural partners in the conservation and further development of a rule-based international order”. Together, they accounted for 40 per cent of the member States of the United Nations. And the expectations of each other were high. Germany and Europe were enjoying in Latin America a great trust, because they “pursued no short-term, narrow self-interest”.

Together with the countries of Latin America, the EU has 40% of the votes in the United Nations.

Not only for this reason, the Latin American countries are an indispensable Partner when it comes to strengthening the multilateral Ordnubg, says

— CDU/CSU (@ucuducen) November 4, 2019

Sovereignty respect

In the may adopted in Latin America-strategy for the promotion of democracy and the rule of law, human rights and good governance, said Nick. It is also sustainability in the value chains, as well as in climate and environmental policy. The Europeans are likely to occur, and is not a “post-colonial attitude”, but the sovereignty of the partners would have to pay attention to.

OAS to the defence of democracy

A commitment to pluralistic democratic future of America, and to the cooperation of the continent with Europe, OAS laid-Secretary General Luis Almagro Lemes. “The consolidation of democracy was one of the founding of the OAS objectives,” he said. To do this, the rule of law and governability, as well as respect and tolerance, credibility, and consensus-building were fundamental prerequisites for the functioning of the political process. At the same time Almagro regretted a “high degree of political and social turbulence”. The OAS was obliged to contribute to the solution of these crises and to defend the resp räsentative democracy. The organization should not behave in a neutral, “the Secretary-General must not make blind”.

As a representative of the Federal Government, @Thomas_Bareiss emphasizes the importance of relations with

— CDU/CSU (@ucuducen) November 4, 2019

Countries don’t care about a Make

The rejection by Latin American States from military dictatorships and the establishment of democracies, the Chairman of the working group on Latin America and the social policy spokesman of the group, Peter White has called a “remarkable social performance”. In view of the unrest in some countries, he warned, to lump them to Afford. Similar to Claudia Zilla, a Senior Fellow of the research group America the Stiftung Wissenschaft und politik said.

Courage to change of structure required

Nevertheless, Zilla saw the two structural factors, which would have all the crises together. The weak international economy and the high level of debt limited the scope for action of many governments. On the other hand, the part of great poverty and social inequality lead to Frustration. White recommended that the Latin American countries in the context of “the courage to change the structure”.

For free trade with Mercosur

On the political, economic and trade relations between Europe and Latin America, the Parliamentary state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of economic Affairs, Thomas Bareiß a went. He campaigned for open markets and good investment conditions. The EU and Mercosur could together form the largest free trade zone in the world, which includes 780 million people. She was the “answer to protectionism and nationalism.” Together we can set Standards for values and Goods. In this way, it can be considered, for example, China.


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