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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman John Joyce (PA-13)

November 1, 2019

Press Release

Washington, D.C. – This morning, Congressman John Joyce (PA-13) joined Neil Cavuto on Fox Business to discuss yesterday’s vote on H.Res. 660, House Democrats’ partisan impeachment inquiry resolution.


Selected Quotes:

The American people are seeing through this. What the American people want is a fair and transparent process, and that’s not what has been put through. This impeachment inquiry is a sham.


[Chairman Adam] Schiff is acting as witness, as prosecutor, a judge, and jury. We need to have a fair, open, and transparent process, and the Republicans have requested that.


Just in March, [Speaker] Nancy Pelosi said that, “we will not proceed unless there is a bipartisan vote.” That is not what happened yesterday. This was a partisan vote and a continuation of the witch hunt. We thought that Halloween ended yesterday, but the witch hunt continues.


As a Member of the 116th Congress, I should be allowed to read the transcripts. I have gone down to the SCIF and requested to see what has already been presented, and I wasn’t allowed to do that…the American people demand an open process and they haven’t seen that.


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