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Kids edition with beautiful illustrations, the older children — books on the peers, teenagers — fiction novel.

What books to spend a cosy family night? Head of children’s library No. 244 Svitlana Lebid advises to pay attention to the books illustrated by the American artist Benji Davies, the creativity of the Japanese writer Kenjiro Haitani and novel Eugene Rogachevskogo about the friendship of a boy and a Dolphin.


“The day I met a whale” by Benji Davies

Today, a huge number of publishers produces stunning children’s books for family reading. I like books a great format with interesting, stylish, original illustrations. Such as “the Day I met a whale” by British author, Illustrator, Benji Davies.

This is a heartfelt story about a boy nick, who lives with his father on the island. Once a child finds a little whale, thrown on the coast by the storm and rescues him. The text in the book is not much, the main thing — illustrations. And the theme of family relationships that the author deals with an interesting point of view.

Benji Davies has created this book in 2013. “The day I met a whale” is marked by several literary prizes.

“On the hill” by Linda Sarah

Illustrations for the next book, which I want to tell you, too, did Benji Davies. “On the hill” is a beautiful story about friendship. There were once two best friends, Bert and Ethan. One day Ethan meets a boy Shu and begins to conduct with him a very long time. Bertha it hurts, at first he opposes the fact that Ethan has another playmate. But soon everything is getting better, and Burt finds a common language with Shu.

The book teaches children to cope with feelings of jealousy and explains: do not be afraid of changes in the usual routine of life.

The older guys

“Look a rabbit” Kenjiro Haitani

This world-known novel for children, a bestseller. “Look a rabbit” was written in 1974, but Russian readers he is known for about 10 years.

Japanese writer Kenjiro Haitani tells the story of friendship between a young teacher and Fumi Kotani, who came to work in a primary school in the industrial area of the city, and the orphan boy of Tatsuzo. The boy is very closed, not friendly with classmates. The book is about how closely it may relate to the adult life of the child, his interests. It’s about the patience and willingness to hear the other person, to help him.

“Hey, let’s talk,” Sharon Draper

The book by American writer Sharon Draper — also a huge hit. As the experience of my work in the library, it is often after this book, the children begin to love reading.

The main character is a girl melody has outstanding intellectual abilities and a photographic memory. But nobody knows about it, everyone thinks it’s retarded: the fact that the melody suffers from cerebral palsy, and the disease prevents her to move or speak. But it has a special apparatus by which it, pressing the buttons can reproduce their thoughts. Once it becomes clear that melody is an extremely intelligent and talented child.

Sharon Draper is very famous in the country. Her books several times awarded the prestigious Coretta Scott King Award, named after the widow of Martin Luther king.


“Well” Louis Seykera

Book of American children’s writer and screenwriter Luis Seykera is gradually becoming a rarity — not its re-release in 10 years.

This is a great story about teenager Stanley who is wrongly accused of theft and sent to correctional work. That’s where it all begins, the story takes a fantastic color. Stanley meets a Ghost of a brigand, hunted robbery over a hundred years ago. She tells him where to find buried treasure.

This book in 2003, shot the same film “Treasure”, the script to him, too, wrote Saker. I do so: first, encourage the children to read the book, and then tell them about the film. And then ask — what is liked more? They reply that, of course, the book.

“Hello, brother my BSO” Eugene Rogachevskogo

The book “Hello, my brother of BSO” I read only recently. This is an amazing story of friendship Abkhazian boy and Dolphin-the bottlenose Dolphin. The bottlenose Dolphin is species of Dolphin that live in different parts of the world, including in the Black sea. The boy gave his friend the sea the name of BSO in honor of one of the heroes of the Abkhazian epic.

Story about the relationship between man and Dolphin keeps in suspense, because you’re afraid that there’s going to be something sad. The feeling has not deceived: in the end of the story I couldn’t hold back the tears. This book is similar to good movies, so vividly and colorfully described the events. This is one of those books that make us think of a huge number of questions.

I believe that the main task of children’s literature to teach children to feel, to empathize, to reason. “Hello, brother my BSO” is one of those.

Author Yevgeny Rudashevsky for this work he received in 2013 the main prize of the literary contest “Kniguru”. In addition, he worked for several years with marine mammals, so he knows about them and their habits very much.

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