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Here’s this week’s edition of the NRCC Weekly Rundown:

(National) Having accomplished precisely nothing 11 months into their majority, yesterday House Democrats voted to support their number one priority: impeaching President Trump and undoing the results of the 2016 election. Polling shows impeachment is politically toxic in battleground districts, and with nearly every Democrat now on the record backing this impeachment sham, they just guaranteed their defeat next November!

(National) The NRCC sent moving boxes to the Democrats voting for impeachment. What did they do? Called the cops, of course! We had no idea empty cardboard boxes would be such a traumatic and triggering event for these soon-to-be defeated Democrats. They should buckle their chinstraps because November 2020 will be even more traumatic for them once they’re thrown out of office thanks to their impeachment obsession.

(AZ-01, AZ-02) There are just over 2 weeks left in the House’s legislative session to vote on and pass the USMCA. But, instead of voting on the USMCA, Arizona Reps. Tom O’Halleran and Ann Kirkpatrick voted to impeach and remove President Trump from office. Both have been angling to impeachPresident Trump since the start of this Congress, but polling shows Arizonans want NOTHING to do with the Democrats’ impeachment sham and just want representatives that work for them. Priorities, am I right?  

(CA-10) San Francisco donors are getting their money’s worth out of Josh Harder. Yesterday Josh took his first vote on impeaching President Trump, ignoring his constituents who actually oppose impeachment. Clearly Joshonly cares about the money. He knows if he didn’t vote to impeach President Trump, all that San Fran money would dry right up!

(CA-21) Yesterday TJ Cox cast his first vote to impeach and remove President Trump from office, something he’s been waiting to do for a long time. Cox hates President Trump so much that he loaned hundreds of thousands of dollars to his own campaign, lied about his affiliation with dozens of businesses, didn’t pay thousands in back taxes to the government and back pay to employees, just so he could get elected and take this vote. Hope it was worth it, TJ!

(CA-25, CA-48) Would you consider a woman who sexually preyed upon subordinate staffers a decent “patriot?” Assemblywoman Christy Smith and Harley Rouda sure do! Smith, a congressional candidate running to fill Katie Hill’s CA-25 seat, used those EXACT WORDS during an interview on CNN this week, and  Rouda even had the guts to commendHill for her “decency.” Is it too much to ask for Smith and Rouda to stand up for the staffers Hill took advantage of and victimized? Even Nancy PelosisaidHill’s actions lacked integrity and were undignified…

(CA-39) Yesterday Gil Cisneros cast his first vote to impeach and remove President Trump from office. This vote was evidently very important to Cisneros, considering he spent millions in lottery winnings to get himself elected. It doesn’t matter to Cisneros that voters in battleground districts (like his own) don’t want to impeach the president. Cisneros is the one who won the lottery, so if he wants to waste his money on impeachment, it’s his future bankruptcy!

(CA-45) As House Democrats were blowing up their majority with impeachment yesterday, Elizabeth Warren fangirl and liberal professor Katie Porter was prancing around the Capitol dressed as Batgirl. No, seriously. Check out the photos here, here and here. I wish we could say we were shocked, but literally no one was surprised. These clowns don’t take impeachment seriously, and Batgirl (who represents a conservative, battleground district), will pay the price in 2020!

(CA-48) Harley Rouda thinks President Trump is unfit to be president. He said so in January 2018 and February 2018. He even invoked the 25th Amendment which allows the Cabinet to remove the president with no trial! So, it’s no surprise that Rouda cast his vote yesterday to impeach and remove President Trump from office, even though voters in battleground districts are against impeachment. Harley doesn’t care. He’s too obsessed with his hatred of President Trump

(CA-49) Mike Levin tried to spread the message in CA-49 that he’s not focused on impeachment, but epically failed afterhe stood with socialist darlingAOC and cast his first vote to impeach President Trump. Why is Mike Levin more concerned about voting with the socialist Democrats instead of focusing on what his constituents want him to focus on (not impeachment)?

(CO-06) Jason Crow has been one of the ringleaders of the socialist Democrats’ impeachment effort, and yesterday he finally got to take his first vote on the matter. Crow’s obsession with baseless impeachment undercuts his dishonest efforts to pose as a moderate, and has sidetracked progress on issues he claims to support, like lowering health care costs. REMINDERpolls show battleground voters want nothing to do with impeachment.

(FL-07) Stephanie Murphy gave up on her faux-moderate charade after voting with her Trump-obsessed party to impeach and remove the president from office. She’s now solely focused on impeachment and conspiracy theories and will accomplish nothing for FL-07. So much for “strengthening the middle class” and “protecting Medicare!”

(FL-13) Career politician Charlie Crist followed his political bosses right off a cliff and voted to impeach and remove President Trump from office. It’s clear Crist now works for the socialist Democrats, abandoning the people of FL-13 to help his political party’s sham impeachment quest. Maybe it’s time to change your twitter bio, Charlie!

(FL-26) Debbie Mucarsel-Powell’s hatred for President Trump has totally consumed her! Yesterday she voted with the socialists in Washington to impeach and remove the president from office, forgetting about everything she promised to get done for South Floridians. I wonder, can Debbie predict the future? I’m old enough to remember her very first campaign video where she blasted Congress for doing “nothing” and putting party over families

(FL-27) Last Sunday Donna Shalalaappeared on CBS Miami and said, “I didn’t go to Washington to impeach a president.” But, that’s exactly what she did yesterday when she stood with her deranged party and cast a vote to impeach President Trump. Shalala is now solely focused on helping the socialists in Washington remove President Trump from office and she will accomplish nothing for South Floridians who are against impeachment efforts.

(GA-06) Lyin’ Lucy McBath has finally come clean to GA-06 residents on her impeachment stance, voting with her deranged party to impeach and remove the president from office. Lucy tried hiding from reporters, and then lied about hiding to deceive Georgians about her impeachment stance, but she can’t hide from her on-the-record vote!  REMINDER: President Trump won GA-06, making it all the more likely that yesterday was the beginning of the end of Lyin’ Lucy’s political career.

(IA-01, IA-03) Abby Finkenauer and Cindy Axne ran for Congress promising to focus on issues voters actually care about, like growing our economy and making health care more affordable. But yesterday they went on the record with their true priority – overturning the 2016 election by voting to impeach President Trump. Battleground voters remain strongly opposed to impeachment, putting Finkenauer and Axne in a precarious position.By ignoring their constituents and siding with their deranged party, Finkenauer and Axne have sealed their fates as one-term Congresswomen!

(IL-06) Sean Castenassured IL-06 that his priorities in Congress would be climate change, creating jobs and fixing the dysfunction in Washington. But, 11 months later, all Casten has accomplished is obsessively pushing to remove President Trump from office. Multiple polls show battleground voters want nothing to do with the DC impeachment charade, and IL-06 voters have made it clear to Casten it’s not their top issue. But Casten doesn’t care about Illinois families nearly as much as he hates the president. So much for ending climate change, making Washington work for Illinois families and pragmatic policy solutions!

(IL-14) It’s been a rough week for Fake Nurse Lauren Underwood who lost her roommate, refused to protect newborn infants and voted to end her political career. The Fake Nurse ran for Congress on her fake nursing career and assured IL-14 residents that her priorities if elected would be health care and protecting Social Security. But now her phony act is up and Illinois voters know where her priorities actually lie: overturning the 2016 election by impeaching & removing President Trump from office.

(IL-17) Cheri “Beltway” Bustos promised Illinois she would “take a different approach” than the career politicians in Washington and work across the aisle to be a “strong, independent voice” for Illinois’ middle class. Welp! I guess Bustos forgot about her campaign promises considering yesterday she officially ditched her constituents to vote for the impeachment of President Trump, Illinois be damned!

(KS-03) Sharice Davids has done her best to cultivate an image as a moderate, but that all ended after she voted with her socialist party to move forward with impeaching President Trump. Davids has tried her very best to avoid talking about impeachment (while dutifully endorsing her deranged party’s efforts) but now she can’t hide from Kansas voters. Good luck next November, Sharice!

(ME-02) Jared Golden said he would have handled Democrats’ efforts to remove President Trump from office differently, but when it came time to vote on the issue, he backed their deranged efforts anyway. Impeachment is a death-sentence in Golden’s pro-Trump district, which means his vote to back impeachment is the nail in his political career’s coffin. Tick-tock!

(MI-08) Michiganders made it crystal clear to Elissa Slotkin they did not support her move to back the impeachment sham in DC.They literally booed her!So yesterday Slotkin decided to kiss Congress goodbye by voting to remove President Trump from office anyway. So much for her promise to “go to Washington to fight for you and your families…”

(MI-11) Since her very first day in Congress, Haley Stevens has been breaking her promises to Michiganders. Yesterday was no different when she voted with her deranged party to remove President Trump from office. (Recall just two weeks ago, after getting backlash at home, she said she might not vote to impeach the president.). MI-11 voters can’t count on Haley to do anything except help her socialist colleagues undo the 2016 election!

(MN-02) Angie Craig said she ran for Congress to “build a Minnesota for all of us,” and promised to focus on issues like health care, jobs and education. But Angieisn’t interested in any of those things! In reality, Angie is just a partisan hack who is fighting to undo the 2016 election and remove President Trump from office. With her vote to impeach the president, Angie put her deranged party first, not Minnesota, and it will cost her seat in 2020.

(MN-03) Dean Phillips ran a campaign built on “invitations and conversation” and assured Minnesotans he’d focus on the issues that matter to them while being an “independent-minded leader.” But Dean’s congressional career has been built on investigations, allegations and yesterday he voted to impeach President Trump. Turns out Phillips’ priorities aren’t shaped by his “own principles and values,” they’re shaped by Nancy Pelosi and the deranged Democrats in Washington. Bye-bye, Dean!

(NH-01) Chris Pappas brashly claimed he wanted to go to Washington to “put the focus on people and not on divisive politics.” But his vote yesterday supporting Democrats’ efforts to remove President Trump from office makes it clear that was a lie. I guess Chris Pappas wants to be a one-term Congressman!

(NJ-03, 05, 07, 11) Andy Kim, Josh Gottheimer, Tom Malinowski and Mikie Sherrill voted yesterday to proceed with Washington Democrats’ deranged efforts to impeach President Trump, confirming they don’t give a damn about getting anything done for their constituents. Every one of them promised voters they’d deliver on issues like transportation, health care and better-paying jobs but instead they’ve spent their time in Washington trying to remove President Trump from office. Not good!

(NM-02) Xochitl Torres Small officially threw away her chances of reelection yesterday, voting to advance her deranged party’s effort to impeach the president. REMINDER:President Trump won NM-02 by a double-digit margin, and voters won’t be pleased that their Congresswoman is working to reverse the 2016 election!

(NV-03, NV-04) Susie Lee and Steven Horsford know impeachment is unpopular in their districts, which is why they’re trying their darndest to make it look like they’re focused on anything BUT impeachment. Too bad for them, they both voted to impeach and remove President Trump from office! When it’s between Nancy Pelosi or their constituents, Susie Lee and Steven Horsford will choose Democrats and their socialist agenda over their constituents every time!

(NY-11) By voting to move forward with impeachment, Max Rose is officially Staten Island’s biggest fraud! Just weeks ago, Rosewrote“impeachment will only tear our country further apart and we will see no progress on the enormous challenges we face as a nation.” Yet at the end of the day, Rose stood with the socialist Democrats instead of the Staten Island voters who elected President Trump by 10 points in 2016. Yikes!

(NY-18) Sean Patrick Maloney just gave up his chance at reelection by voting to support impeachment. Polling shows impeachment is politically toxic in battleground districts like Maloney’s where President Trump won in 2016, but that didn’t stop Maloney from going all in on the Democrats’ impeachment sham. Maloney refuses to deliver on the issues Hudson Valley voters care about and it will cost him his seat in 2020!

(NY-19) Antonio Delgado promised he was going to Washington “to work for all the people.” Yet in a district President Trump won by 6 points, Delgadovoted to support Democrats’ efforts to remove the president from office and try to undo the 2016 election. (P.S. Check out the ethics complaint that was just filed against Delgado for violating House rules!)

(NY-22) Anthony Brindisi signed his own political death certificate this week after selling out his constituents and voting to support Democrats’ efforts to remove President Trump from office. President Trump won NY-22 by 15 points, so Brindisi should start packing his bags!

(OK-05) Kendra Horn apparently decided she didn’t want to be a member of Congress anymore, voting to impeach and remove President Trump from office. We hope Kendra enjoys the last 12 months of her political career. Her vote to undo the 2016 election isn’t going to go over well in a district President Trump won by 13 points!

(OR-04) Peter DeFazio has really embraced his tin foil hat persona and is trying his hardest to get President Trump removed from office! It’s no surprise that DeFaziocast his first vote to impeach the president, but there’s just one tiny problem: voters in battleground districts – including OR-04 – don’t want to impeach the president!

(PA-07, PA-08, PA-17) It’s official: Susan Wild, Matt Cartwright and Conor Lamb voted to back Democrats’ efforts to remove President Trump from office, and end their political careers! All three have confirmed they aren’t the moderate, independent voices they promised they’d be on the campaign trail. With two-thirds of battleground voters opposing impeachment, they can kiss their seats goodbye!

(PA-17) On top of voting for impeachment, this week Conor Lamb joined his socialist colleagues in opposing a Republican effort to prevent future presidents from banning fracking. Lamb’s vote is particularly worrisome considering thousands of Pennsylvanians depend on the oil and gas industry to put food on table!

(SC-01) Joe Cunningham voted to officially end his political career by voting with the socialist Democrats to impeach and remove the president from office. REMINDER: President Trump won SC-01 by double digits, and Joecan’t hide any longer! So much for #LowcountryOverParty!

(TX-07, TX-32) As if voting against a Republican effort to prevent future presidents from banning fracking wasn’t bad enough, Lizzie Fletcher and Colin Allred both voted to impeach and remove President Trump from office. Both members campaigned on promises to be a different kind of Democrat, but by ignoring their constituents and supporting their colleagues impeachment crusade, they’re asking to be defeated next November!

(UT-04)Ben McAdamscast his first vote to impeach and remove President Trump from office, even though multiplepolls show that voters in battleground states don’t want to impeach the president. It’s too bad Ben McAdams is putting the Democrats’ socialist agenda over what Utahns actually want, like voting to prevent future presidents from banning fracking.

(VA-02) At a town hall Elaine Luriatold her constituents, “I didn’t go to Washington to impeach the president.” But yesterday, Elaine, who CNN lauded as a “leader on impeachment,” did exactly that as she supported her party’s first vote on impeachment.  Whatever happened to fighting for the families of coastal Virginia? Considering President Trump won Luria’s district and multiple polls show battleground voters oppose impeachment, Luria’s political career is over!

(VA-07) On MSBNC, Abigail Spanberger,a leader on impeachment, told the truth about her party’s deranged impeachment efforts saying, “[the allegations] need the full attention of the U.S. Congress.” Well yesterday, Abigail’sdreams came true after she voted in support of impeaching and removing President Trump from office. Abigail should start saying her goodbyes now considering President Trump won VA-07…

(VA-10) Jennifer Wexton claimed she ran for Congress to “make people’s lives better.” But yesterday she proved she’s given up on getting anything accomplished by voting with her deranged party in support of impeachment. Good luck next November, Jennifer!

(WA-08) Kim Schrier’s been trying to lay low on this impeachment sham, pretending it’s not sucking up all the oxygen in the room. Although, it’s hard to pretend when she cast her vote to impeach and remove President Trump from office instead of voting on the USMCA or lowering prescription drug prices. Good luck next November, Kim!

(WI-03) Ron Kind signed his own political death certificate, voting with the rest of his deranged party to overturn the 2016 election and remove President Trump from office. So much for helping veterans and farmers and lowering health care costs. We figured we’d help Ron out by changing his campaign slogan (since “Moving Wisconsin Forward” no longer fits) to: “Moving Impeachment Forward.” Bye-bye Ron!

News & Notes

California GOP: Impeachment will help us flip those seats right back

It’s no secret that President Trump will lose deep-blue California in 2020, but Republicans are betting they can grab back some of the congressional seats they lost last year by slamming Democratic freshmen who are calling for the president’s impeachment.

For months, GOP leaders have been on the attack against the seven Democrats who flipped Republican-held House seats in 2018, charging that their growing support for impeachment is an insult to the swing voters who elected them.

“Josh Harder dropped his moderate facade today and joined his fellow socialist Democrats on their politically motivated quest to impeach President Trump,” charged an email from the National Republican Congressional Committee when the Turlock (Stanislaus County) Democrat announced in September he would support impeachment. READ.

House votes to formalize Trump impeachment inquiry, amid sharp partisan divisions

WASHINGTON — The rancorous impeachment inquiry moved to a new phase Thursday, as the Democrat-run House voted 232-196 formalize the process with a package of rules that will govern open hearings on President Donald Trump’s alleged misdeeds.

The historic vote split almost completely along partisan lines, with only two Democrats — from New Jersey and Minnesota — bucking their party. All Texas Democrats in the House voted for the resolution, while all Texas Republicans voted against it.

Republicans asserted that voters will punish Democrats in the 2020 elections, making lawmakers such as Texas freshmen Reps. Colin Allred of Dallas and Lizzie Fletcher of Houston vulnerable.

“Lizzie Fletcher and Colin Allred are nothing more than socialist hacks who came to Congress to impeach the president” and their “failure to put their hatred of President Trump aside to get things done for Texans will result in their defeat next November,” said Bob Salera, spokesman for the House GOP campaign arm, the National Republican Congressional Committee. READ.

House Dem Katie Porter wears Batgirl costume in Congress

Rep. Katie Porter, D-Calif., wore a Halloween costume and kept her mask on during a vote Thursday in the House Financial Services Committee.

At one point, Porter reportedly yelled at a reporter about her outfit.

“It’s Batgirl!” she told Washington Post reporter Mike DeBonis.

She wore her outfit on the same day Democrats voted for a resolution on ground rules for the impeachment inquiry surrounding President Trump. For Republicans, Porter’s display was inappropriate.

“As House Democrats prepare to officially blow up their Majority with impeachment, @RepKatiePorter is prancing around dressed as Batman. This is how seriously these clowns are taking impeachment,” the National Republican Congressional Committee tweeted on Thursday. READ.

Mullin confronts Horn on social media over impeachment inquiry

Partisan hostility over the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump erupted within the Oklahoma congressional delegation on Thursday when Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin challenged the statements of Democratic Rep. Kendra Horn on social media.

Mullin told Horn on Twitter that she couldn’t “have your cake and eat it too” by supporting a resolution to further the impeachment inquiry while not taking a position on impeachment.

“This vote says you support the sham process to impeach our president,” Mullin, one of Trump’s most loyal supporters, wrote to Horn on Twitter. “It is very much a vote for impeachment.”

Mullin, of Westville, and the other three Republicans from Oklahoma voted against the resolution. Horn, of Oklahoma City, voted for it. READ.