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Source: United States Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND)

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WASHINGTON – Following the All Senator’s briefing on Syria, U.S. Senator and Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) member Kevin Cramer (R-ND) delivered remarks on the Senate floor today regarding Democrats’ plans to vote against defense appropriations tomorrow.

“I rise today to ensure our nation’s military they have an advocate in Congress,” said Senator Cramer. “We all took an oath to the Constitution. Our first and foremost obligation is the defense of the nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

He also addressed the “Skinny” National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which is being introduced because Democrats are unwilling to move NDAA Conference negotiations along at an acceptable pace.

“For 58 years in a row, Congress has passed the NDAA. From nuclear deterrence, UAS development, establishing a Space Force, and honoring the sailors of the USS Frank E. Evans– a provision the Democratic Leader and his colleague from New York support I’ll add – both the House and Senate versions of the NDAA advance important policies for my state and our country,” Senator Cramer continued. “We should be working collaboratively to combine these versions and pass the best plan possible for our military. Instead, House Democrats have forced the SASC Chairman to devise a backup plan for their intransigence. Our important work earlier this year is now being sacrificed on the altar of partisan politics.”

Senator Cramer finished his remarks urging Democrats to put partisan politics aside and to vote for the legislation advancing our nation’s military needs.

“I find it astonishing that all the wanna-be Commanders-in-Chief here in Congress are playing politics with the funding and authorities of the troops they one day hope to lead,” Senator Cramer concluded. “The Democratic Party is continuing to put their hatred of President Trump and his agenda above the needs of our nation’s military. It is a dereliction of duty.”