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Source: European Parliament

For over two years, numerous NGOs and the media have been documenting cases of Croatian police violently and illegally forcing incoming asylum seekers out of Croatia. The Croatian president has publically admitted that this is happening. According to media reports, recordings by NGOs and statements by the mayor of Bihać, Šuhret Fazlić, armed Croatian police have been crossing illegally into neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina. The fact that large numbers of people have been forced out of Croatia has led to overcrowding in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the Bosnian canton of Una-Sana there are not enough places to accommodate the refugees, and thousands remain homeless. The city of Bihać has set up a camp at Vučjak, but provisions there are insufficient. The conditions are so catastrophic at the camp that the IOM and UNHCR refuse to travel there.

1. What does the Commission intend to do to put an end to these systematic breaches of EU law and the Geneva Refugee Convention by the Croatian police at the EU’s external border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina?

2. How does the Commission intend to check in future that Croatian border guards are complying with European law, including the right of people to apply for asylum when they arrive in Croatia?

3. Does the Commission have concrete plans to support Bosnia and Herzegovina in building decent new refugee accommodation?

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