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The city of Manaus (AMAZONAS), and Brazil (AMAZONAS), 27/10/2019 In unusual places in the Amazon Region there are no hospitals or health centers, but the Ships-of-Hospital Care, of the Navy, if they can do this. The local communities in the region are waiting anxiously for the care medical and dental clinic free to the Ships of the world.” For these hospitals, the floating serve an average of 200 people per day, thanks in large part to the resources provided by the Program in the Northern channel (PCN).

“This is the work of the Navy is very important, and you can count on us to help. We are always giving preference to that type of work,” said the Director of the office of the Program in the Northern channel, major General of the reserve, Ubiratan Poty.

The Command of the Flotilla of the Amazon, it offers nine vessels. Four of these vessels are in the care of the hospital, facing the medical, dental, pharmaceutical and nursing care to the population of the Amazon Region. The ship Oswaldo Cruz, Carlos Chagas, Doctor, Montenegro, and Soares de Meirelles visit, and roughly 300 rural communities for a year, and in the past year, they have responded 36.899 people.

“Each of the community’s waterfront that is served by at least two times per year. In the event of an evacuation aeromédica (when a patient needs to be transported), to a ship that is close to it can meet, in an emergency, as well as the aircraft of the Air Force,” said the Commanding officer of the 9th Naval District, Vice-Admiral Paulo César Colmenero.

For these tasks to be accomplished, the PCN gives a large contribution. In the past few years, the program has assisted with the maintenance of the ship and, in the future, you may be able to enable you to hire the service of satellite communications between the vessels. This will increase the safety and efficiency of the activities of the command and control of the actions in the civic, social, and assistance in hospitals.

The safety of Traffic by Water

The Amazon Region is dependent on the navigation of the ocean and in the region. The seas and rivers are essential to the supply and distribution of food products and raw materials. It is by means of the river that the flow is almost all that is produced in the region. Just to give you an idea of the range of the border of the 9th Naval District covers 9.610 km., or nearly 57% of the national territory. There are 23 thousand kilometers of navigable rivers.

“The Navy is the maritime authority, and must ensure the safety of traffic by water. The rivers are our roads, so accidents occur in the home, with a lot of patience. Here, in the state of Amazonas, on the first day of a child, it’s not a bike or a video game, but it’s a boat,” confirmed the Admiral.

For this reason, the Navy has been successful (in the Western Amazon and in Brazil), with eight agencies in the river (Tefé, Parintins, Guajara-Mirim river, Boca do Acre, two years later, there was a major, the Southern cross, and Humaitá), and a police station in the Old Port.

“That makes it hard for a little bit, is the logistics. The distances are large, so you need a little bit more than others. These are the agencies that do the inspections, the marine that help to prevent accidents. They will check the documentation and use of life jackets, as well as the rescue of the people,” said the Commanding officer of the 9th Naval District.

Service, Signage, Marine

The Service from the Signaling of the Nautical in the Navy is carried out by the Ship’s Hidroceanográfico River White River, and for the two Warnings, Hidroceanográficos the River Class the River Today. All three of these vessels are responsible for updating the nautical charts of this Region of the Amazon. For this reason, it is necessary to sail almost all year round.“There it is: I did it once and that’s it. The River is changing very fast. There are several types of rivers; meandering, raging waters, mighty. We have to be able to go on all of these rivers, to cater for the brazilian society”, said the Admiral.

Over the past few months, and have been updated to 41 in the charts of the Madeira River, in 24 of the Solimões (amazon) River, and 18 of the Rio Negro. This is the collection of data that is transferred to the Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation (DHN), located on the rio-Niterói bridge, rio de janeiro, and it is a Military Organization that commits to this work.

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