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This year the repair is carried out mainly in homes built from 1969 to 1976.

Regional program of capital repairs of apartment houses calculated up to 2044. Not less than once per year to actualize. Work relate to anything that requires updating, repair or replacement: facades, porches, basements, elevators, utilities and, of course, the roof. learned how to repair roofs of houses in Moscow which are used for this materials and how to treat residents.


In 2019 in the capital plan to repair more than 1,200 roofs. Of these, about 45 per cent metal roof of 55 percent flat.

“This year we repair most homes built from 1969 to 1976, says Eugene Chueshev, head of production and technical Department of the capital repair Fund (FCR). — We carry out overhaul in 2015. In the beginning we were renovating the house, which were in a most unsatisfactory condition, for the most part it was home 1964-1970 years. But today we are already in the house series “Tower of Volya” built in 1976″.

Before starting work, the residents of the home is determined at the General meeting the list of works and what they expect from the repair. After receiving the wish list, the contractor is the technical report, which describes the condition of all building structures and engineering systems of the house. For this purpose, a number of studies. Open individual sections of the roof and check the condition of its Foundation and if it’s a flat roof, condition of the screed. The results of all inspections of the project overhaul that is required to pass the state examination.

Flat and pitched

A flat roof is not really fair to call it flat, because they have a little slump in two or three degrees. It is needed in order to rain and melt-water flowed through the intake funnel into an internal drain that runs through the whole house from the roof to the first floor.

To repair flat roof, you first need to remove the old waterproofing. Most often it is several layers of roofing material on a cardboard base. Below them is the reinforced sand concrete screed. If she is also in need of repair, it partially re-cast or replaced. Updated on top of the screed put polymer-bituminous material, which is also called soft or surfaced, roof. The basis for this material is polyester. Due to its deformation properties, it allows the roof to withstand sudden changes in temperature, typical for our latitudes in the cold season.

“Coverage comes in rolls of 10-15 meters in length — explains Alexander Lubetkin, General Director of the contractor who repaired the house 35, building 1 on the street Parshina. — After held the so-called exhibition: rolls pre-rolled and dock, the joints were smooth and there was no overlap. After that, they fused. The plant on bitumen-polymer material applied to a special film with a thickness of several microns. On the roof it melted the gas burners on the place of joints, and effect bonding. The material itself it does not melt”.

This material is placed in two layers. The lower layers are usually four millimeters in thickness, and the top — five millimeters, as, in addition to the fuse film deposited granite grit, which protects the roof from ultraviolet rays and mechanical damage.

The lifespan of a roof is 20-25 years. With the first five years after the repair — the warranty period during which the contractor and the FCR are responsible for the work.

Pitched roofs are repaired differently. Old iron or slate them completely replace galvanized metal. Now in Moscow there are only about a hundred houses with a slate roof. All they plan to renovate before the end of this year. In addition to replacing old iron experts partially or completely, depending on condition, changing the crate that holds the metal, and truss legs and mauerlaty (elements of the roofing system, which are attached to the rafters. — Approx. All wooden structures are impregnated with fire squads, and attic floors are insulated with mineral wool slabs.

The facades of more than 100 houses began to repair the new technology In apartment houses of Moscow will replace a slate roof

The work is done by crews of six people. They repair on average 30-40 square meters of metal roofing. Standard pitched roof with an area of about 1200 square meters experts repairing for 30 or 50 days. Moreover, in contrast to flat roofs working on pitched can be conducted in any weather: iron hook change in a few square meters at a time, and before the repair be sure to protect any uncovered areas with awnings.

Sloped roofs can also last after the repair for more than 20 years. However, it all depends on how it will operate.

“Roofs are most afraid of mechanical damage, during cleaning, for example. And sometimes, after many years of operation the insulation of the attic comes into disrepair, and when you turn on the heating in the house, warm air rises to the roof and warms it from the inside, leading to the formation of ice dams and icicles on roofs. During the repair work on the insulation of the attic floor to restore the temperature and humidity of the attic space. We put the heavy insulation and make the attic the bridges, on which you can walk without damaging it. The rise of warm air in mercerrickie space is virtually eliminated. These measures prevent the formation of ice dams and icicles,” says Eugene Chueshev.

For the future

From the roof of the house 25, building 2, on Malaya Gruzinskaya street offer magnificent views of the Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the virgin Mary, and other buildings in Presnensky district. Therefore, the locks on the door that leads to the roof has to be changed frequently. And sometimes the whole door — fans and photos are very persistent.

The representative of the contractor site supervisor Alexander Davydov, said that experts have removed the old flooring, laid a new screed slump and two layers of filler material.

“Tenants were satisfied, — says Alexander Davydov. Especially from the top floors: the roof here was leaking for many years. Residents of the upper floors there are two apartments sold due to the fact that tech. Sometimes, the leak came up to the fourth floor. And there are only 12!”

In addition to the roof, it has changed the utilities: electricity and Central heating risers hot and cold water. The facade of the inhabitants moved to a later date. On the order of repair of the entrance, for the engineer of technical supervision territorial administration for the Central district FKR Michael kochkanyan responsible for the house, going to be the faulty statements. It will include types of work that needs to be done to the inhabitants has received a new entrance.

The range of work done in the framework of the overhaul, very wide. So, in building 12 on Spiridonovka not only put new roofing material and installed lightning protection which before was not, and also eliminate all the leaks, and lined the parapets of galvanized steel. The roof was repaired from late July to early September, and now the workers are engaged in basement. By the way, the facade of the house is cleaned and processed gidrofobizatsii (water repellent) compound.

This year the program of capital repairs in Moscow will replace the 1820 elevators

This year’s planned work on flat roofs is already complete as to carry out them only in the summer due to the particular construction and polymer-bitumen material. In the repair of screed and the overlaying of roofing material needed dry warm weather because the concrete must be dry, and the tape on the bitumen to melt. Until the end of the year, according to Eugene Cuisia left to fix about 200 pitched roofs.

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