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MIL OSI Translation. Region: Belarus –

Source: United Civil Party Belarus – in Belarusian

The performance of the candidate from the UCP was not allowed on television.

The address of Homel activist Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh was supposed to be the 22nd of October at 19 o’clock, but that didn’t happen.”So I said all right and came to this government on toes. I’m proud of, – commented on the site removing speech Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh. – My main “fault” is that the first item on my programme in Parliament, the impeachment of Lukashenko.” In the address, he also proposed to limit the protection of the President and two employees walked across the deputies, having declared that will achieve for them the minimum for country wage.”If they want more, let them increase the welfare of the people, – said Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh. For all these figures who sat for his pants, and did not protect the people, I demand not to be read in the experience of being in Parliament, and the money they received in the form of pensions, salaries, allowances, to recover the state income”.According to Nepomnyashchikh, we cannot talk about a stable and prosperous Belarus, when the authorities have money for ice palaces, residences, parades, Slavic bazaars and toilet for a million dollars, and to help the child is not:”On TV constantly saying, “Help your child give treatment two cents, a child dies”. I live near the Department store “Gomel” and see how regularly force children to raise money on the pens, the pencils, the erasers for the orphanage. And it is a shame for Belarus a shame for the Belarusian people, it is a shame for Lukashenko and shame for me. People like Lukashenko should not be in power.”In the next few days Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh intends to prepare mourning. “I also want to record your audition and upload to the Internet, he said. – Let the whole world know what is happening in Belarus”.


Editor’s NOTE: This article is a translation from Russian Language to English.

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