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Dear Madam President! My esteemed colleagues here in the house! Dear Listeners! The look is in this year and here, too, in the core-time debate on the East. That is a good thing. We have three state elections and the anniversary “30 years of the fall of the wall”, but we also have a sense of belonging, which is put to the test.

In a recent study, 57 percent of East Germans said they felt like second-class citizens. We need to take seriously, but with Caution and, above all, by honest with the people and do not like the speakers on the edges of this Parliament is a poisoned debate here, as we have just Mr Bartsch experienced.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU – Dr. Alice ryegrass (AfD): Yes, Yes! – Acclamation of the Abg. Dr. Dietmar Bartsch (LEFT))

What we currently see, and that pleases us: The unit, but also the Cohesion of Germany, in many Parts of the society: in the economy, in society, in politics but also in football. The League leaders of the Bundesliga, RB Leipzig. Let’s see if we in 30. The year of the German unit, the first East German football Champions have. What would a success story!

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU)

Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, let us be neither from the Left nor from the AfD, the successes in the new Federal States, small talk. We want to let these achievements not small talk

(Stefan Liebich (THE LEFT): The Prime Minister! Great Government!)

more Vacancies than unemployed, there is more commuting from Bavaria to Thuringia Thuringia to Bavaria. The success rate that we have here. We need to not talk.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)

We are in the industrial added value far above the level of West German countries. We have excellent research facilities. We have built in the last 30 years, a powerful infrastructure. You look at the universities, check out the ICE rail network and the road network. We are top in the field of renewable energies. And since 2017, more people are moving from the West to the East than Vice versa. That is, the wall movement that we have seen after the reunification, because labour was found mainly in West Germany, has been reversed by the strong economic catch-up process, and there are more people in the East come back.

All of this is happening, although we are enormous the GDR had to cope with Contaminated sites. This Legacy of the past has addressed to Carsten Schneider, when he came to speak on the protection of the environment. Our rivers were polluted, our soils were polluted, the air you couldn’t breathe. – This is your legacy, Mr Bartsch

(Applause from the CDU/CSU and the FDP as well as members of the AfD acclamation of the Abg. Dr. Dietmar Bartsch (LEFT))

To this heritage, we must remind you. Mr Bartsch, here in Parliament, the speaker of the edges of the horseshoe meeting date – from left to right, the success of bad talk.

(Stefan Liebich (THE LEFT): It will be better if you say it for the third Time! Boring!)

You have created ruins without weapons. This is the heritage that produced the SED. The building performance is, however, a success of our policy and of the many hard-working people in this country who have contributed to this success. This is the balance that we have to show for it.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU – Stefan Liebich (THE LEFT): that’s Why the Left is stronger than the CDU in Thuringia! You should think about this once!)

Dear colleague Carsten Schneider, I would like to pick up on a point from your speech, and the question of whether it was right to apply to the East with the locational advantage of low wages. For us as a Union to be considered: Social is what creates jobs. I prefer it when someone gets a minimum wage, than if he is unemployed. I think it was right to decide to create work, to bring people back into employment, not to the Saint to wait for a tomorrow that never comes, of the large industry locates in the East. Until today, not a single DAX has settled group in the new German länder, and of the Top 500 enterprises in the whole of Germany, all the 36 are in Eastern Germany. It was the right thing to say: We use these location advantages. We must not allow ourselves to small talk. The people were in employment, and you are in employment, and in Thuringia, today we have the lowest old-age poverty in Germany: under 1 percent. The result of the decision to bring people in wage and bread. This is also a political success.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU acclamation of the Abg. Jutta Krell man (THE LEFT))

Of course, not everything is pink. Neither the Federal government, with the competent Secretary of state, the Ostbeauftragten, nor will we in the Parliament may only highlight the positive aspects in the view. We want to tackle the demographic change. We want to expand the infrastructure. This means that broadband coverage in the city and in the countryside, improved road and rail infrastructure, well-equipped universities and research landscapes. That is our mission, we want to tackle. On the part of the Federal government, we want to work with particular funding programs supporting the initiatives under the arms to grab.

We want the completion of the Unity and justice and freedom. 30. The year of the fall of the Berlin wall, we are closer to this goal than any other Region in Europe. This is our common success.

Thank You Very Much.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)


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