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Dear Madam President! Dear ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and gentlemen, Now you could ask: What has the CSU on the state of play to say the organisation of the report the East/German unit? But this is, of course, as always, a whole lot.

(Laughter from members of the SPD, the LEFT and ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS – Steffi Lemke (ALLIANCE 90/THE GREENS): The minutes indicate that “joy”!)

There is no harm if members from the West, from the South, just from all the regions of this really good report to read. It’s worth it. Of course, there are also regional in Germany differences. But we are United.

Dear Mark, captain, you said earlier: Red Bull Leipzig is preparing to be the German champion. – There is also in the re-United Germany, there is a constant: That is, of course, that the FC Bayern is at the top of football in Germany.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU – cries of the CDU/CSU and the SPD: Boo! Mark captain (CDU/CSU): to prove What would be!)

I come back to the thing. It is, of course, to thank the courageous people of that time. You have ultimately created the German unit. It is the Power of the seemingly loose, which allowed the happiness of our reunion is only power. The people of the former GDR did not want to reform the ailing suppression state. No, they wanted to overcome him. They wanted freedom instead of socialism. They wanted the social market economy instead of a socialist shortage economy. They wanted human and civil rights instead of ideology and oppression.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU)

Germany and Europe has been so changed by the will of the people. That was the urge for freedom and self-determination.

Exactly 30 years ago, the pioneering pan-European picnic was held in August 1989. This picnic was under the auspices of the CSU members of the European Parliament, namely Otto von Habsburg, and the Hungarian Minister of state and reformer Imre Pozsgay. From the picnic became a world event. More than 600 GDR citizens managed to escape on 19. August, 1989 through the temporarily opened border to flee to the West.

The event was the harbinger to the fall of the Berlin wall, by the way, with the substantial help of Caritas, Diakonie, Malteser, Johanniter and the Red cross of Bavaria, who had promptly built shelter. Helmut Kohl stressed that the soil under The Brandenburg gate will always be Hungarian. – This is to emphasize today. So, it was the European idea of the led together.

Budapest castle by the way, already in 1988, first Eastern bloc country has a trade agreement with the then European community. Trade can therefore help to pave the way to freedom.

(Applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU)

The Peaceful Revolution is now almost 30 years. In East Germany has been provided since then, an impressive building and adaptation performance. The economic growth has been in East Germany in this time the strongest in the whole of Western Europe. Numerous indicators show that the process is the equalization of living conditions in East and West since 1990, far ahead. The wages are, for example, 85 percent of West German level

Not only are there differences between the East and the West. Also in Bavaria, that is. In the East, the wages are somewhat lower, but people are not, in my perception, therefore, unfortunate

The unemployment rate went from the high of 2005 – at that time, the rate was 18.7 percent

Also, you forget too quickly: In the year 2017, the migration balance between Eastern countries and Western Germany was positive for the first time. The people return to the part. I feel that we are also citizens of my constituency, return to the part in the old home, despite the fact that East German citizens are now in a very good Bayern. Moreover, one must emphasize that, without a doubt, made emigration from the East also whole areas in the West of Germany, very strong, have benefited.

(Mark Hauptmann (CDU/CSU): Absolutely!)

In my constituency, Erding – Ebersberg, but also in upper Bavaria, a total of most East German citizens came up with. Here, too, there were some very fruitful associations.

(Mark Hauptmann (CDU/CSU): built by Bavaria!)

The report was also supplemented for the first time, a sustainability Chapter. This is very useful. “A sustainable Germany we can only achieve when no one is left behind”, – stated in the German sustainability strategy. This applies take it to heart

However, it is necessary to emphasize that the model of the former GDR was not sustainable, neither economically nor ecologically, and even less social. If one picks out the environmental component: It is so that the load by sulphur dioxide and dust was extreme. Some sites, such as Bitterfeld, or aspen grove should have been classified in accordance with the applicable UN-indicative values as uninhabitable. Therefore, the environment received data in the former GDR, the highest level of secrecy. The environmental conditions have since improved massively. By the way, the life expectancy of people has increased significantly.

In this respect, it is important to emphasize at the conclusion that a major effort is behind us, but many more and diverse efforts are ahead of us.

In this sense, thank you.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU)


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