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Tips of the librarian. Kids read short poems with teenagers travel to Norway of the THIRTEENTH century.

On weekends the staff of the Moscow libraries tell about books that will help make family night in even warmer. Head of library № 92 — the cultural center of K. I. Chukovsky, Anna Aishenkov recommends books Anastasia Orlova, Andrey Usachev, Kate Dicamillo, Marie Pasternak and other authors.


“Apples-heel. Rhymes for the little ones” Anastasia Orlova

I want to recommend a colorfully illustrated collection of poems for the youngest Anastasia Orlova is a young talented poet from Yaroslavl. Her poems are somewhat similar to the work of Agnes Barto.

In 2016, Anastasia became the winner of the presidential prize in literature and art. Readers have long known and loved. She has other excellent books: “River, river, where’s your house?”, “It’s a truck and it’s trailer” and “Truck and trailer traveling on a business trip”.

“The incredible journey of Edward rabbit” Kate Dicamillo

The book by American writer Kate Dicamillo can be read to children from an early age. This is a tale about the adventures of the little porcelain rabbit, which the grandmother gave her granddaughter. The girl really loved him, clothed in different costumes, played with him. But the rabbit did not appreciate it. And then he got in trouble, drowned and was swallowed by a fish. The hardships and adversity forced him to understand that friends should be loved. He reminisces about his mistress and transformed from a selfish cold porcelain in a good friend for a young reader.

This book did Kate Dicamillo known all over the world. No less success and the following of her works. For example, for “Flora and Ulysses: the glorious adventure” the author received the Medal of John Newbery, the highest award of the United States, which is awarded for works for children.

The older guys

“Clever dog Sonya” Andrei Usachev

The book of Andrei Usachev “Clever dog Sonya” will appeal to children, who are studying in primary school. The main character — a little touching doggy — endowed with human qualities. She is learning to count, read, gets into different stories, talking to animals and humans.

Andrey Usachev — one of the most famous and beloved children’s authors. A series of books about Sonja started with the same cartoon, for which Usachev wrote the script. It was in 1991. Five years later appeared the first book. In 2017 came the continuation — “the ABCs of dog of Sony”, then — “Famous dog Sonya” and “diary of a clever dog Sonia.”

“Mr. Rose” Of Silke Lambeck

German author Silke Lambeck tells the story of a boy who, after moving to another house I met a very strange neighbor with a funny name rosette. It turned out that this gentleman was no ordinary man, but a real magician. He helps the boy in various situations, becomes his friend.

In 2009 the book received the prestigious French literary prize “Chronos”. Children often take a book in our library. In addition, the publishing good illustrations, and a convenient font.


“Sad gnome, funny gnome,” Alexander Tarhanova

Teenagers I would suggest the story of Alexander Tarhanova. The main character is a boy named Anton. He’s six, and he knows how to compose music. Anton is trying to Express the sounds of all that he sees around him. And reasons like an adult about life. The story is touching and exciting, it’s perfect for quiet evenings at home.

In 2014, the author received for work prize at the IV International competition of a name of Sergey Mikhalkov. The book was recognized as the best work of fiction for teenagers. Alexander Tarhanov — music teacher, so perhaps he managed to create such a realistic story.In our library children are left on the book reviews that we have sent to the contest “Thoughtful reader”.

“Gold Hrivna” Maria Pasternak

“Gold Hryvna” I particularly recommend. This is quite a serious Tome (over 500 pages), written in the spirit of Nordic legends. When I started reading, I thought that the book was translated from Norwegian or Swedish. Knowing that it was created by a Russian writer, was very surprised.

The action takes place in Norway, the XIII-th century, still preserving the legends of trolls and elves. The plot revolves around 17 — year-old Wilhelmina, belonging to an ancient family. Legend has it that her family holds untold riches that beckon different villains. Suddenly the girl loses home and beloved father. But with her always brave boy Torleif, a friend of her childhood. The story grabs from the first pages: the chase, the treacherous attack, the secret confessions of a witch, fight for honour and justice, my first love… I Want to read and read, waiting what will happen next.

The book is interesting for its historical accuracy in great detail describes medieval weapons and clothing, there are even recipes that were prepared during the Middle ages. I happily made for my family the drink of Vikings! The drawings, incidentally, belong to the author — Mary Pasternak. She studied history of European costume, and also worked as an artist-property man at the Moscow academic musical theatre named after K. S. Stanislavsky and VL.And. Nemirovich-Danchenko.

More great books, proven by the readers of children’s libraries and their staff, — in category “The advice of the librarian”.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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