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MIL OSI Translation. Government of the Republic of France statements from French to English

Source: Canton of Neuchatel, Switzerland

15.10.2019 Everyone can, at some point, be called upon to help a close relative or friend who is sick, aging, disabled or has lost his or her independence. In the absence of support, this support relationship has an impact on the physical and psychological health of caregivers, their family and social life, their professional commitment or their training path. It is to all these close caregivers that the day of October 30 is dedicated. The cantonal authorities of Vaud, Geneva, Friborg, Jura, Neuchâtel, Valais and Ticino all express their gratitude, reminding them that assistance and support services exist to accompany them in their journey and to avoid exhaustion. Since 2015, the Canton of Neuchâtel has been conducting a sensitization, support and information campaign for caregivers, which is part of the medico-social policy (PMS) and more broadly in cantonal health policy. . Established in 2016, the strategic and operational cantonal commission for caregivers participates in setting up measures or recommendations in terms of support, information, awareness raising, training and recognition of the status of caregivers. es. Ultimately, the main mission of the commission is the development of a cantonal policy to support caregivers. In terms of information, in 2018, a brochure for family caregivers was reissued for the third time and an inventory of existing benefits and providers in the canton as well as a questionnaire on the burden experienced by the family. near were developed. To sensitize the close and the general public to this theme, specific actions of proximity with the population were envisaged during the year as for example, stands of information to the population in city of Neuchâtel and all in the city La Chaux-de-Fonds, a photo exhibition under the theme “helpers, helpers – cross destinies” inspired by the collection of testimonies by Mrs. Nicole Von Kaenel (October 14 to 17 at the Peristyle of the Hotel de city in Neuchâtel) and many other actions in close collaboration with the partners in the field. On the occasion of the intercantonal day of caregivers, the partners of the social and health field propose the following actions, open to all: Insieme Neuchâtel proposes the documentary film “Out of breath” made in Neuchâtel, October 17 at 8pm at the Scala cinema in La Chaux-de-Fonds and October 24 at 8pm at the Apollo 3 cinema in Neuchâtel. On October 29 from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm: the Neuchâtel Red Cross invites the public to participate in an afternoon of welcome and listening, on registration, around the theme “How to better help their loved one and preserve themselves” and a workshop cooking for the people helped. This event will take place in the cafeteria of the Neuchâtel Red Cross (Avenue du Premier-Mars 2A in Neuchâtel). Caritas Neuchâtel proposes two actions, the first one, on October 28 at 6:15 pm, a conference of Pr. Gian Domenico Borasio under the theme “autonomy at the end of life: an issue for everyone”, in La Chaux-de-Fonds at the Club 44, rue de la Serre 64. The second, on October 29 from 14h to 16h, with a cafe of family caregivers under the theme “I am afraid of the future with my sick relative” will be proposed in Neuchâtel to Aubier, rue du Château 1. On October 30th, all day long, the day-care center of the Trois Portes residence will welcome the public in its premises in Neuchâtel, Chemin des Trois Portes 4a. On October 30 from 9am to 12pm, 5 out of 5, the management office for seniors, offers the population a coffee-croissant and a free consultation in its premises in Neuchâtel, rue des Terreaux 7. October 31st from 15h to 18h , the Neuchâtel Association of Caregivers opens the doors of its reception and listening area to the population in Neuchâtel at the Hotel des Associations, rue Louis-Favre 1. Other actions will be proposed and the programming will be available on the website of the Public Health Service as of 21 October. In 2020, the Canton of Neuchâtel will again offer a rich program for the intercantonal day of caregivers, in consultation with the cantons of Vaud, Geneva, Friborg, Jura, Valais and Ticino.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and/or sentence structure is not be perfect.

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