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The justice of minas gerais approve the agreement with NEPAL, which will ensure that monitoring of the dam

Posted : 10/10/2019 – up-to-Date at : 20:03:01 pm


The Federal court of Minas Gerais, has approved on Thursday (10) an agreement entered into by and between the Federal Public Prosecutor’s office, the Union, and the National Agency of Mining, represented by the Attorney General’s office, to ensure that the inspection of dams and mining in the country. The term sets out the timelines for the inspection of dams, allocation of resources, budget, procurement professionals, and purchasing the necessary equipment for the activities of the National Agency of Mining (ANM).The negotiations began after the MPF will commence in April of this year, it’s a civil lawsuit against the Union, and for the ANM by asking what Justice would require a series of steps need to be taken by the government in order to avoid further tragedies in the environmental, such as the one that occurred in Brumadinho at the beginning of this year.After several hearings, the agreement reached will allow for an investment of R$ 42,7 million at the end of 2021 at the agency, in addition to the referral of a bill to the national Congress, which provides for the incorporation of R$ 7.1 million, the timing of the implementation of the ANM later in the year.“In the face of the impact of the tragedy that has swept Brazil since the beginning of all the agencies involved have made every effort so that the agreement could be signed. The good-will of the ANM, and the ministries of economic affairs and Energy led to the completion of the negotiation,” said a lawyer for the Union, Max is Married to Melo as part of the homologação.De according to the federal prosecutor Marcelo Kokke, the solution is constructed by means of the ongoing dialogue between the OFCE, the Public prosecution service and the Judiciary and has resulted in an agenda of proposals, which include a restructuring of the physical and the budget of the sector of the dam to the agency.“A point of major importance is that there has never been agreement on these dimensions, and with a degree of rapidity as high. About six months ago, it was proposed and resolved in the from of a dialogue, and a strong presence in the advocacy of the public along with the ANM and the Union,” he said.Max is Married to Melo and explained that the instrument contains a time schedule to be complied with by the National Agency of Mining, keeping in view the condition of the dam, which will be monitored. “We believe that the lawsuits filed by the MPF in the beginning of the action, we all met up for this to be the case in a court of law to merit praise.The court agreement sets out the priorities for the deeds of inspection, examination, and inspection of the dam, from those who do not have a Statement of the Condition of Stability, even those that have a Damage Potential-High. The breakdown of the three timelines, with timelines for completion that takes into account the priority of each type of dam is also intended to standardize, and to plan all of the activities of law enforcement.Contracts for the purchase of vehicles, laptops that are able to meet the program of geotechnical studies, power, and equipment in the field are described in more detail at the end, as well as the hiring of a company for air support, training, server, and maintenance of an Integrated System for the Management of tailings Dams for the Mining sector.The document also stipulates the development by the ANM of the plan for the restructuring of the activity of inspection of dams, and lays down that as many as 40 public officials, effective with the qualification of the dam are to be employed, or adapted by the eu for 2020 and 2021, as a way to restructure the home of the agency’s work.In addition to the public Prosecutor’s office in the Union and in the states of Minas Gerais and the Federal Prosecutor’s office of Minas Gerais, representing the ANM took part in the construction of the agreement to the Legal advisors of the ministry of Energy and Mines and the office of the Prosecutor of the Regional Union of the 1st Region, the Federal Prosecutor’s office for the Specialized along with the ANM, and the office of the Prosecutor of the Regional Federal da 1ª Region.

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