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Source: The Left”The vocabulary of de-escalation, peace and disarmament do not seem to exist in the vocabulary of the NATO, otherwise the new planned provocation against Russia is not to explain,” said Alexander S. New, Chairman of the defence Committee, and Eastern Europe representative of the group of THE LEFT, in the face of next year’s planned armed forces exercise “Defender 2020″. Re:”In the context of this Exercise, the US-Americans, and 16 other NATO States – including Germany – is expected to be practiced the rapid deployment of larger forces over the Atlantic ocean, through Europe and to the Baltic States to the Russian border, to ensure that the appropriate procedures in the event of a crisis’. Germany should be not only a transit country, but also the logistical hub for the entire Exercise. In addition, will participate in the army of the German armed forces in various combat exercises. Anyone who believes in such dimensions of relaxation policy, is inappropriate to the situation blatantly.According to the official version, the Exercise is intended to contribute to security and stability in Europe. In reality, the US-Americans are an ever-sharper saber-rattling toward Russia, which has left the purely verbal Rail a long time ago, and now again to walk the talk. Germany makes a second Time for the fulfilment of the US escalation policy agents.THE LEFT is contrary to the representation of the Federal government speaks vehemently. The deployment of Troops is not a contribution to peace and security. This Exercise will lead to the Russian side reactions, resulting in a further escalation is inevitable. THE LEFT calls for the Federal government to participate in this Exercise, to German territory for such saber-rattling available. Instead of continuing a military-based ‘maintain and operate’ to have to get used to the West, finally to the idea of a multi-polar world order and its contribution to ensuring that these multilateral structures receives a peaceful character.”


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