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First time in History! #MYCYBERSALE ASIA begins Promote stylish Taiwanese products in Malaysia
Organization: Department of Commerce        Publish Date: 2019-10-01 14:26
For the first time in history, Taiwan and Malaysia jointly organized the #MYCYBERSALE ASIA shopping festival. The event is taking place from September 27th to October 3rd. This cross-border cooperative online sales event will last for seven days after the activation event on September 24th under the synchronous connection between Taiwan and Malaysia.This event includes famous Taiwan e-marketplace PChome,, Hawooo, Cosmetic brand Allyoung, Ejia, Traditional gourmet Jia Chi Wan, Sheriff Tea Egg, and over 60 other companies in the industry. A total of more than 2,000 Taiwanese brands and 100,000 products will be offered through cross-border e-Commerce, delivering high-quality goods to other countries.Department of Commerce, MOEA believes that Taiwan has many companies with unique styles, century-old stores, and food and beverage companies. They all possess high potentials to develop businesses overseas, but the lack of cross-border sales experience has been a barrier for them to proceed even though they are willing to try. Department of Commerce offers assistance to these brands such as century-old store Wan-Wen fish floss, Di Di Shiang and others, cooperating with e-Commerce companies to offer one-stop cross-border sales services. The service they offer helps them take down barriers such as payment, logistic, and language. Taiwanese style food can be delivered overseas, so that people in other countries can taste the delicious gourmet food of Taiwan.Malaysia has been organizing #MYCYBERSALE for more than 5 years. The product revenue quickly hiked up from 0.5 billion in 2014 to 2.9 billion in 2018. The market has attracted consumers from Asia, the Middle-East, even Europe and the U.S., with customers coming from over 32 countries to shop during the web festival!The #MYCYBERSALE ASIA mainly focuses on Malaysian consumers who love buying overseas products. While unifying many brands of Taiwanese cosmetics and skin treatment, household, fashion wear, and Taiwanese food souvenirs, Taiwan intends to take part in the Malaysian e-Commerce market and extend its products’ visibility.For the first time, #MYCYBERSALE ASIA is organized together by Taiwan and Malaysia. This is also a trial zone for Taiwan to extend into the global market. In the future, Taiwan intends to cooperate with other countries and create a regional online festival, so that Taiwanese and Southeast Asian consumers can purchase the best quality cross-border products at the most attractive prices. This can also improve the cross-border communication and development between Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries in the e-Commerce industry.

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