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Source: The Left “On 19 September, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on” The Importance of European Historical Consciousness for the Future of Europe “. This text is a document of historical revisionism, “explains Dietmar Bartsch, chairman of the DIE LINKE parliamentary group. Bartsch continues: “1. The resolution draws like a red thread a rhetoric of the equation of communism and National Socialism, as in the reference “that the National Socialist and the communist regime carried out mass murders, genocide and deportations”. Even so, one can relativize crimes such as the Holocaust and the extermination war.2. There is a partial relief of National Socialist Germany from its war guilt. We learn, for example, that “the Second World War (…) as a direct consequence of the notorious non-aggression treaty between the National Socialist German Reich and the Soviet Union of 23 August 1939, also known as the ‘Hitler-Stalin Pact’, broke out and its secret additional protocols. The Soviet Union is equally subject to the “goal of world conquest” as Nazi Germany.3. We only learn about the results of the Second World War “that after the defeat of the National Socialist regime and the end of the Second World War, some European countries were able to regain their sovereignty and initiate a process of reconciliation, while other European countries for half a century Dictators remained – some of them directly occupied by the Soviet Union or under direct Soviet influence – and they continued to be denied freedom, sovereignty, dignity, human rights and socio-economic development. ” We miss the word of the liberation of Europe from fascism. One misses the recognition that the Soviet Union had to bear the brunt of the war and with it the liberation of Europe. “Every person in our country who wants to deduce political-moral obligation for the present and the future from the German past must accept this resolution of the European Union Reject Parliament. Democrats must make it clear that there can be no discharge discourses. “


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