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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

The president of the state Egils Levits today in new York, the united nations met in the Republic of Croatia president of the republic of Kolindu Grabaru-Kitaroviču (H. E. Ms. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović). The two presidents exchanged views on the European Union’s (EU) current issues of the NATO agenda, and the framework of the bilateral relations.A big focus of the call was given to the regional co-operation projects. E., Levitt, and K. Grabara-Kitaroviča has been consulted on the so-called ” Three in the sea of initiatives, which will link the Baltic, Adriatic, and Black seas, with a variety of projects. “Latvia supports the initiative because it will contribute to the economic activities and the mobility of people,” said the president. He also stressed that the development of Rail Baltica project will make a contribution to, the European region of the connection.It was discussed, the emphasis, which is expected in Croatia in the first prezidentūrā the Council of the EU 2020 strategy. first half of the year. The president wished the Croatian colleague progress, and he said to him, the country is actively engaged in the issues raised in the consultation. In croatia, the president thanked Latvia for the support of his government for the admission in the euro zone and the Schengen area.It has also been discussed in NATO, issues on the agenda, as well as the security situation in the world and in Europe. E. Levitt thanked Croatia for its participation in the international NATO nations in the Baltic region.The two ministers agreed to further the economic, educational, cultural, communications, animation, and the upcoming meeting of the 15. Arajološas group’s president, at a meeting in Athens.

The country’s president, Egila Levita a working visit to the USA in the agenda (new York time) on:Monday, 23. septembris14:45 – the president’s participation in the World economic forum high-level round-table discussion, “A New Green Deal ” for Europe, Stepping Up on the Europe’s Global Leadership Role on Climate and Green Growth”At 18:15 – the president of the State, and We Levites by the membership of The Breuer Museum” the exhibition “Belarus in residential courtyards: To Fix the Image in Memory, atklāšanāOtrdiena, p. 24. septembris8:00 pm – the president of the State, and We Levites by the participation of the UN secretary-general at the opening pasākumā9:00 pm – president’s participation in the united nations General Assembly, 74. the session at the opening of the. The topic of “Galvanizing multilateral efforts for poverty eradication, quality of education, climate action, and inclusion”11:45: the president participates in a solemn ceremony of the “Treaty opening Ceremony of their deposit Declarations recognizing as compulsory the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice”12:45 – a Meeting of the World economic forum’s founder, professor Claus Swabian (Prof. Klaus Schwab)13:00 – president’s membership of the united nations Secretary-general’s job pusdienās15:00 pm – president’s participation in the united nations for the Sustainable development of the plenārsēdē17:15 – the president’s speech to the UN General assembly, 74. sesijā19:00 pm – the president of the State, and We Levites by the participation of the US president Donald Trampa (by H. E. Mr Donald J. Trump), and the Melānijas Trampas (Melania Trump) will at the pieņemšanāTrešdiena, p. 25. septembris8:30 a.m. – Meeting with the domnīcas the “Atlantic council” pārstāvjiem10:30 pm – Round-table-discussion with Columbia University students and stipendiātiem15:00 p.m. – Bilateral meeting with Kingdom of Norway prime minister Ernu Solbergu (H. E. Ms. Erna Solberg)16:00 – president’s participation in the united nations for the Sustainable development of the sesijā17:30 – Bilateral meetings with the president of the republic of Salomi Zurabišvili (H. E. Ms. Salome Zourabichvili)19:00 – the president of the State, and We Levites by meeting with US for latviešiemCeturtdiena, 26. septembris9:00 p.m. – Meeting with the united states, the National foreign affairs committee of the presidents of the European Swabian (Dr. George Schwab)15:00 – Meeting with jewish organizations pārstāvjiemPiektdiena, p. 27. septembris12:00 p.m. – Meeting of the Princeton University, international diplomacy, studentiem13:40 – a Meeting with the Princeton University, the professors, and the Latvian Honorary consul John Medvecki


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