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Photo: Press service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow. Evgeny Samarin

In a special program dedicated to cinema of the late 1980’s-early 1990-ies included ten paintings. They were filmed by Directors from different republics that were part of the former USSR. The films convey the atmosphere and mood of the time, tell me before what choice the people had changing life.

From October 1 to November 6 at the cinema network “Moschino” capital Department of culture will be free screenings of films made in the years of perestroika and post-perestroika period. Among them are such resonant works as “my name is Arlekino”, “Game unknown” and obscure “Accused wedding”, “SIZ Kim SIZ?,” and others. Pictures for the program called “Cinematheque: still waters run deep” was chosen by film critics.

“In the new cycle of screenings of “Cinematheque”, the audience waiting for the films from Baltic countries, Georgia, Tajikistan and other former Soviet republics. Each of them experienced a period of adjustment, and these features are reflected in the films that we show,” — said the press service of “Moschino”.

Films from archive “Moschino” show with a 35-mm film in the cinema “Star”, “Torch” and “Youth”. The entrance to the sessions is free but required pre-registration.

The program will begin on 1 October at 19:00 with a screening of the film “woman of the day” (1989) Alexander Baranov and Bakhyt Kilibaev in the cinema “Yunost”. The main character (the first big role Aliki Laughter) — a modern, beautiful, confident and unpredictable girl. She’s Dating a successful photographer, whose love and faithfulness have no meaning. The life of the heroine is superficial and devoid of meaning until, until she meets a man who wants to prove to her that there are sincere and deep feelings.

2 October in the cinema “Star”, viewers will see drama with elements of a detective Alexander Itygilov “Accused wedding” (1986). The session starts at 21:00. The film was shot at the height of the anti-alcohol campaign launched by the Secretary-General of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev. There is an opinion that the picture was conceived at the Studio Dovzhenko as propaganda. It shows what kind of trouble can result from the abuse of alcohol. In a cozy cafe in a circle of relatives and friends celebrate the wedding of Bob and Light. However, the occasion becomes a place showdown opposing groups of youth from different neighborhoods of the city. In the midst of a wedding party is killed one of the guests.

The work of the Estonian Director Arvo IHO “Observer” (1987) can be seen 5 October at 14:00 at the cinema “Torch”. The film tells the story of Alexandra, who works as a Ranger in the Northern reserve on the coast, and the young scientist-ornithologist of Peeter. The main characters are in conflict. Alexander must protect nature, but instead, goes fishing and hunting in the reserve. It is extremely outraged by the Peeter. He doesn’t want to put up with the despotism of unscrupulous workers and tries to stop her. However, over time the characters come to know each other and understand the true reasons for the actions of each other.

Another free screening will be held in the same cinema on 8 October. It was a Lithuanian military drama “a Sunday in hell” (1987). The painting takes the viewer in 1944. The Nazi concentration camp escapes Lithuanian and Russian. Escaping, they go to the beach on the Baltic coast, which is the recreation of the SS. All day the heroes must hold among the enemy and to keep his secret. This film stands out from the common list of programs: it deals with the events of the Second world war. Directors Vytautas Zhalakyavichus, Almantas of Grecevicius and Avtandil Kvirikashvili. The screening will start at 19:40.

The movie “Shelter for adults” (1987), filmed on Studio “Kyrgyzfilm” Gennady Bazarov, can be seen in the cinema “Zvezda” on 9 October at 21:00. The Director has created it in the twilight era of Gorbachev’s prohibition, and was conceived as a surrealist Manifesto of sobriety. It is noteworthy that the film almost does not involve professional actors. The Director himself was looking for his characters in the sobering-up stations. The action takes place in a former boarding house, where the drug addiction. His main doctor said that to cure patients, not enough alone medicines — necessary to eliminate the reasons that push a person to alcohol, the return of his faith in himself. However, the good intentions of the physician do not give positive results.

12 October at 19:00 in the cinema “Youth” viewers will see the lyrical-psychological drama “the Stage” (1986), filmed by Alexander Rekhviashvili at the Studio “Georgia-film”. Alexi leaves his father and young stepmother to become independent and to grow up, but at first, his carefree and purposeless life changed little. But after learning of the death of his favorite teacher, Alexi refuses to work in a research Institute and went to the mountain village. There he teaches in the school of natural science and engaged in education of children.

Legendary film Valeria Ribareva “my name is Arlekino” (1988) will be shown at the cinema “Torch” on 19 October at 20:40. This is one of the most resonant tuning of paintings about the difficult youth. After spending a year on the shelf, the film immediately after the release was loved by the audience. The guy nicknamed harlequin and his company, calling themselves the wolves, live at the station near the town, which often come in search of thrills. They are involved in fights, recognize the truth of only those who are stronger. He harlequin believes this lifestyle is destructive, but thinks a fate he can not be.

The film “Bro” (1991) Tajik Director Bahtiyor hudoynazarova can be seen in the cinema “Yunost” on 23 October at 19:00. Two brothers, Farooq and Azamat, after the death of his mother on a train to the father. Once he left them and now lives in a remote village. This is the first self the journey the young heroes. They enthusiastically watching the world passing train passengers. The film is permeated with nostalgia for a lost childhood and a lost homeland.

And on October 26 at the cinema “Torch” at 14:00 will show the film “SIZ Kim SIZ?” (1989) — the directorial debut of Janik Fayzieva. He also wrote the script. We are talking about a young doctor who treats cotton growers. The doctor goes to town, but his car stopped at the police post. This is the beginning of an absurd adventure medic.

The program will end “Cinematheque: the quiet ones” showing of the documentary film “Playing with the unknown” (1988) in the cinema “Youth” on 6 November at 19:30. This unique concert not only reflected the atmosphere of perestroika television and stage, but also gave art a slice of musical underground of the USSR. In the film “playing with the unknown” can be seen on many popular rock musicians and bards: Alexander Bashlachev, Yuri Shevchuk, Oleg mitiaeva, Julia Smolyaninovu.

Free movies, United important topic or associated with the life and work of famous Directors and actors, the good tradition of “Moschino”. In the urban network consists of 13 modern cinemas equipped with the latest technical equipment.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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