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As on the stage of the Taganka Theatre have another musical performance, and any debate about it was conducted between the Director Alexei Frandetti and artistic Director Irina Apeksimova — the material

The new season of the Taganka Theatre began with the premiere of the music. The play “the Last five years”, based on real love story, set Alexey frandetti is the two — time winner of the “Golden mask” and the main promoter of the musical genre in Russia.

Role only two. They perform as a guest artist Pavel Levkin, with extensive experience in musicals, and one of the Actresses of the troupe with a beautiful voice Martha Koltsov.

On the chamber stage

The small stage of the Taganka Theater was turned into two cozy new York apartment. While outside the window one dull weather, rain and flashy banner ads, the other to pour the rays of the sun.

They live a famous novelist Jamie and aspiring actress Cathy, dreaming of big roles. They tell the sad story of his broken marriage and trying to figure out what each of them did wrong. Everyone, of course, your opinion. Katie is the story from the end, since the breakup, and Jamie with their acquaintance.

“The idea to stage this show belonged to Alexei Frandetti, she came to him for a very long time. And it wasn’t just an idea, and obsession. I really resisted for a long time, knowing its scope, its extent, and a performance exclusively for the small stage. Understand that it will be very hard, including commercial,” says the Director of the theatre Irina Apeksimova.

The task was not easy: it was necessary to properly allocate, to beat a small stage space so that all events were most plausible.

The real story

Performance Frandetti version of the same performances of the composer, the winner of the prize “Tony” Jason’s brownies. Using the relationship between the characters, Jamie and Cathy, he told their love story and breakup with his first wife, Theresa O’neill.

Your musical brownies created in 2001, premiere at the Chicago theatre “Northlite”. The audience took the statement to cheer. For several years, she repeatedly put not only on Broadway, but outside of the US.

And in 2014, screenwriter and Director Richard Lagravenese (“freedom Writers”, “Beautiful creatures”) decided to move the “Last five years” on the screen. Starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan.

Alexey frandetti, who was looking for material for the play of a small size, became interested in this story. He wrote Jason a brownie, and he was allowed to put the play in Moscow.

The play — to be

Remained the main thing — to convince the artistic Director that this production must be in the repertoire of the Taganka Theater. Another scene for “the Last five years” Frandetti had not even considered. Putting here in 2017 the play “Sweeney Todd, mad Barber of fleet street”, he proved that actors Taganka excellent singing, and the audience is ready for new genres in the repertoire. A musical about Sweeney Todd made the theatre three “Golden masks”, including for best Director, and continues to collect a full house almost two years after the premiere.

When Apeksimova once again heard from the Director about the musical, decided to trust him. She began to read about Jason brownie, listened to his music — and she loved it.

“In fact, it seemed to me that Irina Victorovna about the “Last five years” there were doubts until the first show on the viewer. And when I saw how she looks in the run as she connected, I realized that it was a victory. I think initially it was a question of my burning eyes, I know how to persuade and convince I know how,” — says Alexey frandetti.

Director Alexei Frandetti — how in the Theatre on Taganka win johnny Depp

The final point in the dispute managed to put when Apeksimova realized that this performance is still and interesting experiment for her. “Very few Directors or artistic Directors will undertake to do a musical on the chamber stage. It is such a challenge for me,” she said.

Alexey frandetti is sure: the “Last five years” has all chances to become a favorite of the audience. Besides, he believes that the popularity of the musical in Russia remained at zero and the genre is experiencing a rebirth.

“Today, it seems to me, no drama theatre in Moscow, where there would be music, the plastic of the play or musical. This genre is somewhat different from us, unlike Broadway or theatres in Germany. But we’re finding our way in Russia to a musical on the strength of 15-20 years, counting from the premiere of the musical “Metro”. So what are we looking for yourself. And the genre has certainly found his niche. After “Metro” appeared “Chicago”, “Notre Dame de Paris”, “Nord-OST”, “42nd street”. If not for the tragedy of “Nord-OST”, all would have probably went differently. But unfortunately, for a long time, the word “musical” has become synonymous with anything, but not theatre and entertainment. Nevertheless, we were able to steer into some other form,” says the Director.

At rehearsals — was.

With starring roles and only, Pavel Levkin and Martha Kol’tsova, Alexey frandetti was already working at the time of production of “Sweeney Todd”. Paul then played sailor Anthony hope, and Martha — the beggar that became poor wife of Benjamin Barker, who became a merciless Sweeney Todd.

The new musical is rehearsed more than six months. For chamber performances with two actors a lot. For comparison, the large formulation Alexey frandetti creates an average of just over five weeks.

“This is different, a different level of development of each replica artists. When the actor is under a magnifying glass of attention of the viewer and partner, he should be as truthful and accurate. The work was extremely difficult,” he said.

Martha Kol’tsova for the role at the request of the Director had to lose a few pounds, however, according to her, it was worth it.

“It was a really fun and exciting creative process. At rehearsals there was some nice crazy, I was completely comfortable, interesting. And I’m playing for the first time in the performance where there is no permanent cooperation with partners. Very few scenes in which our heroes see each other, hear, can touch. Everyone has their own flat, everyone in the space,” said the actress.

But despite the detailed study of the text and a closer look from the outside, neither the Director nor the actors can’t say why the couple has not turned out a happy ending.

“I even like that the material is no clear answer to who’s to blame: him or her. Everything in life, when at a specific point in time someone went to another meet. Although it would seem that people wanted to live life, felt mutual feelings. And then it all collapsed, and they look back, not knowing how it happened”, — says Pavel Levkin.

The next time the play can be seen on 31 October and 1 November.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure will not be perfect.

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