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Source: European Parliament

In its new Special Report, the European Court of Auditors indicates that fewer European citizens are taking part in public consultations organised by the Commission. According to the ECA, the Commission needs make improvements regarding the use of different communication channels to reach target audiences. Furthermore, the findings on which consultations are based are not being translated into all EU official languages and, in certain cases, the issues could not be readily grasped by the man in the street.

Given that the EU Treaty seeks the widest possible public involvement:

1. Can the Commission say what specific action it intends to take to comply with ECA recommendations regarding public participation?

2. What measures are being taken to protect the personal data of those involved in public consultations, while ensuring the reliability of their feedback?

3. How will it address the widespread scepticism regarding the extent to which public opinion is taken into account by the Commission or factored into EU policy making?


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