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PROMOÇÃOAlém to help promote the country, the product is the star tours where it is possible to see the manufacturing process and to strengthen the regional economy

By André Martins

Tourists to the mexican and the canadian, in the way of cachaca, Luiz Alves santa catarina state). Credit: AcpalaEla gives rise to the famous “caipirinha”, it has a number of brazilian lovers and love the foreigners of various nationalities who come to this country. Created in Brazil in the colonial period and the beginning of the distillation of the juice of the sugar cane-of-sugar is fermented to alcohol, which independence Day is being celebrated on Friday (13/9), it boasts the title of Historical and Cultural Heritage, and contributes to the attraction of visitors to the various destinations.Despite the fact that the south-East to focus on the largest number of third-party, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, cities in other regions are emerging as major proponents of that tradition is that it involves drinking and driving. One of them is located in the state of Santa Catarina in the city of Luiz Alves, that is, in the last year, I created a route dedicated to rum,’ and had already racked up the achievement of the awards in the world, by the various labels.The script, which has 10 stops over a distance of 25 miles, should be of interest to travelers. Vandrigo Wust, the secretary of the Association of Producers of the traditional Cachaça (the local, reports that the demand for a wide range of dishes. “We’ve had visitors from Mexico, Canada, the Uk, Luxembourg, the netherlands, and the State. We had a visit from a mexican woman is responsible for bringing the beer and the Sun in Brazil, and she’s in love!”, he says.Another successful example comes from the Sand (PB). The city is part of the Path of the Mills, which brings together the icons of the civilisation of the mountain. Mary-Jane de Albuquerque, the proprietor of one of them, with the skill to Triumph, celebrating the advances achieved by the tourism of that kind. “We have been able to get close to a thousand people a week, and that brings economic development to the entire community,” he adds.By the end of December 2018 at the latest, by the Ministry of Agriculture, it accounts for 951 producer of cachaça in the country. The leadership in Minas Gerais, followed by São Paulo, Espírito Santo and Rio de Janeiro, which account for more than 70% of the domestic manufacture. The country is the sum 3.648 records for the drink, it should also be noted Paraíba, Paraná, Bahia, Santa Catarina, Goiás, and Pernambuco. Please click here to check out the Annual sugar cane in Brazil.The Calendar is the National Tourism Event, which is organised by the Ministry of Tourism, the list is the offer of the parties regarding the rum in the whole of the country. Please click here for the full list.The TRADITION MINEIRAA the largest manufacturer in the country and offers a wide range of options. Salt, for example, is home to a museum context. Most recently, the ‘a marvada’ led to the establishment of a circuit which comprises, in addition to the Salinas Taiobeiras, Rubelita, Fruit, Milk, and Indaiabira. The targets are responsible for the production of labels, such as the one in Havana, one of the best in the world. Already in belo horizonte, the Museum of the Rum left over from a two-year term.ON THE DATAAinda during the colonial times, the production of cachaça was an important economic activity in Brazil, leading to a reduction of the consumption of grape marc, an alcoholic beverage of the Portuguese is similar, which is imported from the country of origin. Concerned with the glow of the brandy, the national, and in 1649, the Portuguese decided to ban the manufacture and sale of rum in the united states.Angry over the collection of taxes and the persecution that is generated by the sale of the delicacy, on the 13th of October, 1661, the owners of the sugar mills of the sugar cane-of-sugar and distilleries in the united states since they took power in Rio de Janeiro, for about five months. The protest has led to one of the initial stages of the insurrection, the national, the author from the original, which led to the definition of data dedicated to the drink.Issue: Edmund De

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