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Photo: Press service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow. Denis Grishkin

The parade involved 699 units of special equipment, including water — the audience saw 11 fire ships and rescue boats.

The best examples of modern firefighting and rescue equipment, vehicles, ships, boats, motorbikes and helicopters — Muscovites demonstrated in the parade and the exhibition of urban equipment on the Garden ring.

Than they unique and how do we help to save lives — in the material

Crane, and polyurethane foam tower: innovative technologies serve as a firefighter

“What technology has come!” — that I want to cry at the sight of the firefighter who puts out the fire using the tablet standing at a safe distance from the fire. So from the looks the use of the foam tower — one of the models of modern firefighting and rescue techniques, shown to Muscovites and guests of the capital on September 14. Such machines are in service of gku “Fire-rescue centre” (SSC).

“Fire foam tower SPT-18 is a unique machine, — said the chief of the fire Department and rescue force of the civil code “PSTS” Maxim Sharapov. — It allows you to ensure the safety of firefighters to extinguish the flames remotely: the video signal is supplied to the operator on the screen and he adjusts the direction of the water and foam jets. The extinguishing agent can be fed to a height of 30 meters (about 10 floors) and the height of the water and foam jets can reach 40 meters. The foam tower has proven itself on large fires in Moscow: for example, in August 2019 on the Danilovskaya manufactory — there were burning four-story building built in 1917 and the situation was complicated by extremes of temperature. In such conditions, when a high risk for work of the firemen, the foam tower is simply irreplaceable”.

Another memorable example of modern equipment — mobile control station (PPU), established on the basis of KAMAZ — performs the functions of a modern mobile office. It has workstations equipped with monitors, radios, CCTV and all necessary forms of communication, through which rescuers can get information automatically. According to Maxim Sharapova, thanks to the terrain the vehicle can travel in the most remote and inaccessible places, and thanks to its technical equipment is to become the headquarters of the rescue operations in the disaster area.

One of the most impressive of the parade and the main character of the photographs was the crane. This technique is indispensable for an accident with heavy machinery — trucks, tanker trucks, a cement mixer.

“Our fire crane lifts loads up to 70 tons, — said Maxim Sharapov, and it really helps to work with the consequences of an accident. When connected to a water source it can put out the fire. The operator controls the spray foam with the help of remote console”.

“We have already formed a good tradition. The first parade of city vehicles numbering more than 600 units passed three years ago. He very much liked and remembered by Muscovites. Wherefore, at the request of residents, it was decided by the city authorities to hold such a parade this year. Last year’s parade was included in the Guinness Book of records and Russia, and Europe. And this time, technicians put a lot more — about 700 units,” — said the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on questions housing and communal services and improvement

Pyotr Biryukov.

Waltz on the river, as the ships and boats help save on water

One of the most spectacular show of the parade took place on the Moscow river in the Gulf from the Crimean bridge to Neskuchniy garden. Fire and rescue vessels, boats and watercraft Moscow city search and rescue service on water objects, emergency and GIMS demonstrated the work at liquidation of emergency situations in extreme conditions. He did beautifully: the court “the Colonel Chernyshev” and “Hope” was spinning, releasing a powerful jet of water and they “waltzed” rescue boats.

“Fire-rescue vessel “Colonel Chernyshev” has no analogues in Russia, — said the Deputy head of the gku MGPSS Sergey Ponomarev. Is unique in its class, the most modern and technically advanced river vessel. Its main task is to extinguish the large fires on the water and near the waters of the Moscow river. He can work alone, throwing water from three fire monitors, and as an auxiliary piece of equipment: with the help of its powerful pumps 32 fire trucks can get water from the river. For divers there is a special removable diving platform and the cargo deck can accommodate all the necessary equipment. “Colonel Chernyshev” is the ship ice-class, its body is strengthened, allowing it to be used all year round.”

The latest rescue equipment “MGPS on water objects” patrol and rescue boats “Rusbat-55”.

“They are powerful, compact and at the same time spacious, — commented Sergey Ponomarev. — Can patrol the waters in the area of responsibility, conduct search and rescue operations on water, deliver rescuers to the scene”.

Including with their help, over a bathing season in 2019 — from 1 June to 31 August managed to save 83 people, and three of them were recovered by rescuers. One man raised from a depth of 2.5 meters from the pond in Strogino after resuscitation actions, he was breathing and he was immediately sent to the hospital. Two more victims found in a pond in a recreation area “Terletskaya Dubrava” and at the bottom of the channel name of Moscow in the area of leisure “left Bank” — they also revived on the spot. This became possible thanks to professional actions of rescuers and modern technology, which is able to deliver them to the scene promptly.

Flying-hour resuscitation: in 20 minutes in any point of Moscow

Unique helicopters of the Moscow aviation centre — care BK.117C-2 and fire Ka-32A — waiting spectators after the parade on the prospectus of Academician Saharova the exhibition under the open sky. It was attended by more than 200 cars of urban services.

“Ambulance helicopter VC.117C-2 is a perfect machine, originally created for the salvation of men, — explained the Director of gku “Moscow aviation centre” Kirill Svyatenko. — Light, powerful, maneuverable — it has everything for the comfort and safety of patients and doctors. The helicopter is equipped with special medical wall with ventilator, defibrillator, syringe pump for the fractional drug administration, monitor vital functions. All in order to meet the “Golden hour”: if assistance is rendered in the first hour after injury, the chances of survival are greatest”.

Using a flying intensive care unit of victims from any point of Moscow evacuated within five to 20 minutes. For this from 1 September in the city on four crews for medevac choppers. On Board two pilots, the team of the Scientific-practical center of emergency medical aid — the doctor and the nurse and anesthesiologist-resuscitator of Moscow aviation centre. Over 10 years of experience the employees of the Moscow air ambulance has saved about six thousand people.

“And for extinguishing fires in cities was not invented in the world better helicopter than the Ka-32A, — said Kirill Svyatenko. — Very powerful, lifts up to five tons of water, compact, insensitive to wind, suitable for work among high rise buildings. We have developed a unique system of horizontal, vertical and lateral fire”.

In 2010, the effectiveness of this system was confirmed when extinguishing a fire at the plant “Almaz-Antey”. In addition, in 2012, the Ka-32A participated in the elimination of a complex fire in a tower “Federation” in “Moscow-city” — the wind was 10-15 meters per second. In addition, the flights were hampered by two construction crane near the skyscraper the helicopter had to maneuver between them, but the pilots and firemen successfully coped with the task.

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