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Source: US Amalgamated Transit Union
Kelowna’s transit system is under train.Image Credit: File photoSeptember 11, 2019 – 6:30 PMKELOWNA – Word that the Central Okanagan transit expansion wasn’t going to happen didn’t just disappoint city councillors, who said as much at a recent council meeting.Bus drivers are dealing with a frustrated ridership who are much more colourful when expressing their concerns.“Ten days ago, when school started again, I myself have been bypassing 20 to 30 people a trip,” Scott Lovell, president of the local Amalgamated Transit Union, said.“Listening to transit communications, it’s 100 to 200 passengers a day — the No. 8 is full, the 97 is full… those are just the college and the university, so people are getting immensely frustrated.”Drivers, he said, are getting “reamed out” by the public in a way he’s not seen before. Angry gestures as they roll by busy bus stops have also become the norm and Lovell isn’t sure whether it will change with the 1,800-hour boost to the No. 8 University line implemented this month.The 5,000-hour boost to its existing 150,000 hours of bus service annually will still be needed by 2020.