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Source: the President of Latvia, in Latvian

The country’s president, Egila Levita welcome to the national resistance movement was.Prior to the seventy-five years ago – in 1944. June 8. in September the parliament, president Paul Smith took the president’s spot of the execution, and signed the Declaration of the state of Latvia to be restored. This statement is as valid for the constitutionality of the rank of an act of the Latvian legal system approves of Latvia’s irreversible valstsgribu to maintain its statehood in the Constitution and in the national continuity in the framework.The Central council’s activities is essential to the national resistance movement of the element, which show that the people of Latvia did not recognise the occupation authorities, and fought for them. The Latvian patriots their efforts to resist the occupation of the powers was inspired by the belief that the future will belong to the democracies of Latvia, and Latvia will once again be independent. Godināsim today, Konstantin Čaksti, Paul Kalniņa, Joseph Rancānu, and many, many other of our national resistance to the motion of the members, by a belief in the future of Latvia, and the confidence of each of the civic duty of defending their country.Our challenge today is to continue the study of the national resistance movement in history, and to contribute to the Latvian valstiskumam the significant history of the pages in the strengthening of a society’s historical memory. A Latvian patriot’s self-esteem and of belonging to Latvia, the stronger and deeper, consists of the research of the history of the truth in the light, and hero worshiping.


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