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Source: Taxpayers Union

Data indicating that new university students from the fees-free scheme are failing and dropping out was predictable, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union. Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Jordan Williams says “If you only went to University once it became free, it is not surprising that you weren’t likely to be a successful student. Heavy subsidies have just encouraged less-committed students to give tertiary study a crack at the expense of taxpayers who are forced to pick up the tab.”“As we explained in our 2017 report, Robin Hood Reversed, the big winners from fees-free are the students who would have attended university anyway, but now get a big subsidy to their studies. Future doctors, lawyers, and engineers are enjoying a subsidised university lifestyle at the expense of the young people who went straight from school into productive taxpaying work.”“The Government should reset this failed policy by reintroducing fees for first year students.  The money would be much better spent on higher areas of need for young people.”

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